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A Leader in Surgery

​The division of advanced surgical departments in Carmel treats patients suffering from conditions that require general surgery, and especially patients who suffer from malignant diseases.

A Leader in Surgery

The devision is considered among the best surgical departments in Israel for treating such diseases.

Moreover, Carmel's advanced surgical division treats a wide range of patients with urgent and elective illnesses, such as in Surgery Department A. This department specializes in hernia, gallbladder and bile-duct surgeries, as well as breast diseases, colon problem, stomach, pancreas, liver, thyroid gland and rectal disorders etc.

The Department performs surgeries in the most up-to-date and advanced techniques, including laparoscopic operations carried out in operating rooms of the highest standards.

In Surgery Department B, patients are accepted from the E.R. for urgent surgical problems such as acute inflammation of the gallbladder, acute inflammation of the appendix, gastrointestinal bleeds, intestinal obstructions and variously caused abdominal pains. The Department's doctors also treat, in the E.R., trauma patients who are victims of accidents, terror attacks and so on. The department also specializes in bariatric surgeries, and it houses a multidisciplinary clinic for pathological obesity.

Carmel's surgical departments specialize in the fields of breast cancer, proctology, colorectal cancer, gastrointestinal tumors, liver and gallbladder tumors, soft tissue sarcoma, melanoma and various types of sarcoma.

In addition to the ongoing surgical activities and personal care for the patients, the Department holds professional academic discussions, discussion of X-ray results and joint meetings with the gastroenterology team, pathologists and the mammographic institute staff. Among other things, literature surveys are conducted, meetings to discuss pathological findings are held, and more.

The Carmel Surgical Division also holds a weekly meeting of the various surgical departments to discuss special cases and for keeping up to date. It is no coincidence that, in a Health Ministry's national survey that asked respondents where patients receive good treatment, the Carmel Hospital won the best reviews. The patient at Carmel is always in the best and most professional hands.

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