Medical Units

Cardiovascular Center


Carmel Medical Center is one of the only centers in Northern Israel that contains three medical cardiovascular domains of the highest level and quality. Carmel's excellent cardiovascular division, with its multifaceted subdivisions is one of the best cardiovascular entities in Israel. Included is the cardiological surgery unit that is leading in the number and quality of open-heart operations and collaborating with the vascular department.  This division provides, under one roof, a complete and thorough treatment for every patient – starting from diagnostic and treatment catheterization in the cardiological department, to open-heart surgery in the heart-surgery department, to the completion of diagnosis and advanced treatment of other blood vessels by the team at the vascular surgery department. The exceptional integration and synergy of all departments allow Carmel to provide patients with the most comprehensive and high-quality treatment. Carmel's Cardiovascular Center is the flagship of hospital excellence and recognized as one of the most advanced in Israeli medicine.

Cardiovascular Units in Carmel Hospital

  • Cardiological Division

  • Cardiological ICU

  • Catheterization Institute

  • Stress Echocardiography

  • Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery

  • Pulmonary and Thoracic Surgery

  • Vascular Department

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