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A Leader in Surgery

The advanced array of surgical divisions in the Carmel Medical Center has set itself a goal of treating patients suffering from problems in the field of general surgery.

Leading Surgery

The division of advanced surgical departments in Carmel treats patients suffering from conditions that require general surgery, and especially patients who suffer from malignant diseases. It is considered among the best surgical departments in Israel and Carmel is considered one of the best and leading units in the field of surgical oncology in Israel.   

Surgical oncology is one of the hospital's flagship fields and constitutes a central and important element in overall care.  Surgical procedures for oncology patients are performed with collaboration between all medical disciplines including advanced blood analysis, a pathological institute and general consultations to achieve comprehensive and optimal quality of treatment.

To assure each patient’s comprehensive treatment needs, multidisciplinary meetings take place every week where decisions are made regarding the treatment of complex cancer cases.  After the staff has evaluated a patient's imaging tests, a joint discussion is held by the multidisciplinary staff that includes surgeons, imaging specialists, gastroenterologists, oncologists, liver physicians and/or specialists from other fields. The staff then proposes a personal treatment program for each patient.  This is the accepted approach at Carmel, and it brings about the best results for the patient and provides the greatest chance for healing the disease.  

Every year in Carmel's advanced surgical array, a large number of complex cancer operations are performed, among them: breast operations including the use of the advanced intraoperative radiation technology, operations for thyroid and parathyroid tumors, stomach cancer operations, cancer of the large intestine and the rectum, cancer of the small intestine, primary liver cancer and metastases of the liver, pancreatic cancer, biliary tract cancer and more.

We are equipped with the most advanced equipment in the operating rooms, including modern laparoscopic equipment and advanced auxiliary tools such as intraoperative ultrasound, microwave ablation instruments, tools for intraoperative radiation and an additional wide supply of quality equipment that enables us to provide advanced surgical solutions for a variety of complex cancer operations.


The staff of Carmel's surgical array is composed of senior physicians who regularly participate in international scientific and medical conferences, and receive training and updates in surgical oncology in leading cancer centers in North America and at the best locations all across the world. Throughout the years these specialists and surgeons have acquired rich experience in advanced cancer operations which manifests itself in referring patients from all over northern Israel to surgery in the Carmel Medical Center.


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