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​Main building. 2nd Floor.

The Institute of Medical Genetics

The Institute provides genetic counseling before pregnancy and childbirth for couples and families with hereditary diseases, including the chances of recurrence during pregnancy.

The Institute of Medical Genetics

​The Institute gives recommendations regarding tests as part of the investigation and prevention process and identifies carriers of genetic diseases.


The Genetic Service given at the Carmel Institute of Genetics:

Genetic Counseling Before Pregnancy and Childbirth:

  1. For couples and families with hereditary diseases, including calculating the chances of recurrence during pregnancy and giving recommendations regarding tests as part of the investigation and prevention process.

    1. When there are abnormal findings in the ultrasound examination during pregnancy.

    2. When there are exceptional findings in the Down Syndrome test in the second or third trimester.

    3. In case of recurrent miscarriages or fertility disorders.

    4. Survey tests for detecting carriers of hereditary genetic diseases among couples before/starting pregnancy.

  2. Genetic counseling for individuals and families regarding hereditary diseases.

  3. Testing and diagnosing individuals who are suspected as carrying a genetic disorder.

  4. Genetic counseling related to cancer in the family. Identifying individuals at risk, recommending ways of prevention and early identification together with referral to expert clinics for further treatment.

  5. Genetic counseling as part of a pediatric clinic.

  6. Multidisciplinary clinics collaborating with the Pediatric Neurology Unit, Pediatric Endocrinology Unit and Cancer Epidemiology Unit.

  7. Counseling service for the inpatient departments, institutes and units at Carmel Medical Center.


Identifying Carriers of Genetic Diseases as Part of the Genetic Survey Tests:

  • Genetic survey tests are offered based on the couple's ethnic background, according to the recommendations of the Israeli Society of Medical Genetics. The list of tests is updated regularly, in parallel to the discovery of new genes.

  • Genetic survey tests are intended to identify carriers of hereditary diseases, known to be prevalent in certain ethnicities in the Israeli population. These are severe, incurable diseases that remain hidden in regular pregnancy checkups. Therefore, it is important to test for them before planning pregnancy or during its early stages.

  • A blood test that reveals whether the mother is a carrier of common genetic disorders is offered. It is advisable to be informed about the developments in these tests before planning a new pregnancy.

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