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Obstetrics and Newborn Medicine

​The Obstetrics and Newborn Medicine Division at Carmel is part of the excellent mother-care division in the Carmel Hospital – the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.


The division gives women and newborn babies the most comprehensive, advanced and professional treatment in every phase – from ultrasound examinations through the modern delivery facilities and state-of-the-art NICU to the patients' discharge. We are here to give you the best treatment in optimal and luxurious hospitalization surroundings and in the highest medical standards.

According to the Ministry of Health's testing and quality metrics, the Carmel Hospital's NICU has been selected as the best NICU in Israel in 2014-2015. Moreover, Carmel's Obstetrics and Gynecology Department is a leading center of excellence, and it, too, was chosen this year as Carmel's most outstanding and prominent center. To provide quality service in more pleasant conditions, alongside the highest standards of medicine, Carmel's management recently invested approximately 30 million Shekels in an area of 1600 square meters for upgrading the entire Obstetrics Division. This involves a rebuilding of the delivery-rooms system, including the construction of a new and modern operating room in the same complex, and of an adjacent, very spacious and advanced NICU according to the best standards in the Western world.

"Our goal is to concentrate on one floor and under one roof the entire array of services for a complete treatment of the new mother and her baby", says the director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in Carmel, Prof. Ron Oslander.

Carmel's Obstetrics and Newborn medicine staff consists of dozens of high-ranking, highly experienced physicians who specialize in various fields, nurses and veteran midwives whose work is their way of life, as well as other professionals such as lactation consultants, social workers, nutritionists, researchers, lab workers, technicians etc.

The entire team work to give mothers and their newborns the most advanced and dedicated treatment in this medical field.

Through this structure of a personal, boutique department, and thanks to a unique and professional team, the Carmel Hospital serves the large and diverse population of the Haifa metropolitan area and the rest of the Northern District, with great sensitivity and a professional, warm response to the needs of every mother and woman.

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