Carmel Medical Center

Medical Tourism

Carmel Medical Center offers some of the most advanced and high-quality medical services for foreign nationals.

Medical Tourism in Carmel

​The Center provides a wide range of medical services, counseling, medical therapies and diagnoses, both as part of an ambulatory treatment or full hospitalization, in the various fields of medicine.

Carmel Medical Center is part of Clalit’s Medical Services network, the largest healthcare organization in Israel and the second largest worldwide. Since its founding in 1945, Carmel Medical Center has acquired an excellent reputation, and it is known for offering high-quality medical treatment and for housing leading centers of medical excellence. The hospital is affiliated with the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine.
The hospital has 500 inpatient beds, dozens of departments, institutes and advanced medical units, and 13 state-of-the-art operating rooms in which more than 23,000 operations are performed annually.
Carmel Medical Center is renowned for the quality of its cardiovascular division, which combines a cardiological department with a large, highly-advanced hospitalization facility, an excellent catheterization institute and other units, among them a heart-surgery unit and a vascular surgery department, one of the leading of its kind in Israel.

The Hospital also stands out in the field of gynecology, obstetrics and fertility, with a superb gyneco-oncological unit and a fertility-treatment institute boasting high success rates.

The Hospital has an outstanding record in the area of advanced oncological surgery, including urological, hepatological and pancreatic surgeries laparoscopically performed, as well as head and neck surgeries.
Carmel also has an excellence center in the field of MS, which collaborates with several world-leading medical centers.

Carmel Medical Center merges technological progress with a personal, humane approach, and it wins a high level of satisfaction from its patients.

Once you contact our Medical Tourism Unit, you will receive further explanations regarding the medical care, the approximate stay in Israel and the approximate cost of your healthcare here. Our telephone center can provide information in English and in Russian.

To date, Carmel Medical Center has treated hundreds of foreign patients and visitors as part of its “Medical Tourism” scheme, to their full satisfaction.


Leading Surgery

Leading Surgery

The advanced array of surgical divisions in the Carmel Medical Center has set itself a goal of treating patients suffering from problems in the field of general surgery, while placing special emphasis on leading and quality surgical treatment of patients suffering from malignant diseases. The surgical unit of Carmel is considered one of the best and leading units in the field of surgical oncology in Israel.
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