Medical Units

Unit Phone Number

X-Ray Imaging (DR, CR): 04-8250420

CT: 04-8250540 

Interventional Radiology Unit: 04-8250420

Fax: 04-8250438


​Main building, 1st Floor.

X-Ray Imaging

Conventional imaging – the unit is equipped with two CR (Computer Radiography) devices and a digital fluoroscopy room. The tests performed at the unit include skeleton, chest, abdomen and facial bones photography.

X-Ray Imaging

​The department also performs fluoroscopy of the urinary tract and intestines, focusing on tests in infants and children.

The department comprises seven units:

  • X-Ray Imaging (DR, CR)

  • Ultrasound Unit

  • Interventional Radiology Unit

  • Breast Diagnosis Unit (Mammography)

  • Computerized Tomography (CT) Unit

  • Vascular CT Imaging (cardio) Imaging Unit

  • Fax Unit – Digital Archiving

Research and Academy:

  • The Department is affiliated with the Technion's School of Medicine.

  • The Department admits bio-medicine students from the Technion.

Research Fields:

  • Heart Imaging by Computerized Tomography

  • Cranial Imaging

  • Spine and Pelvis Tomography

  • Evolutionary Explanations of Human Skeletal Disorders

  • Computerized Diagnosis

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