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What is accessibility? Who can benefit from it? How is it realized on the ground and on our website? Who in the hospital is responsible for accessibility?

At Carmel Medical Center and in Clalit Health Services, we wish to offer the best access possible to all our clients. What does that mean? It means that we strive to be as accessible as we can for people with disabilities: those that are hard of vision, hard of hearing, people with handicaps, with cognitive impairments, with learning disabilities, with neurological impairments etc.


Service for the Deaf and the Hearing-Impaired in the Customer Service Center, Tel. No. *2700

As part of our efforts to make the service accessible to people with disabilities, we are glad to announce a new service, reachable in *2700, for deaf and hearing-impaired patients.

To use the service, please visit, click "Contact Us" and then "Access for the Hearing-Impaired".

You can reach us in the following ways:

  1. Contacting us with the help of a sign-language interpreter – the service enables a three-way call (client-interpreter-service representative), and operates between Sunday and Thursday, from 9:00 to 17:00, assisted by the "Institute for the Advancement of the Deaf".

  2. Contacting us by means of an online form – you can leave your details in the relevant form and a service representative will contact you via email.

  3. Contacting us via email – the patient can write an email message with the following details:
    - ID number
    - Full name
    - The topic of the request
    A service representative will contact the patient back via email.


Accessibility in Clalit's Campuses

Clalit has nine districts and 14 hospitals. Each district and each hospital employ an accessibility coordinator, responsible for the accessibility in the hospitals and in the medical centers incorporated in them.

The accessibility coordinator may be contacted regarding any problem related to access in the place for which they are responsible, as well as regarding suggestions for improvement etc.


What is Accessibility?

In 1998, the Knesset passed the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law. Its purpose is to help integrate people with disabilities into society. Following that law, the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities regulations have been put into effect since 2003, to enable such people to be as free and independent of others as possible. These regulations state that every company or business that service the public must remain accessible in the service areas of their physical space as well as the virtual space.


Making Clalit's Digital Space Accessible

At Clalit, we strive for a convenient, accessible design, to enable users with various disabilities to effectively use the services and information offered on the website, in the following ways:

  • Design:
    • We applied high contrast on our web pages
    • We allowed font enlargement by up to 200%
    • We created a scaled design in the content's titles and allowed the control of content animation on the website – wherever there are moving banners or any other floating elements, we added a "pause" button that stops their motion
  • Site navigation:
    • The website can be navigated using a keyboard instead of a mouse
  • Finding content in multiple ways – the free search function can be used to find web pages on our website
  • Content:
    • The language used in simple, casual and easy to understand
    • There is a textual and auditory alternative to the website's contents
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