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Carmel Hospital’s Friends Association

The Carmel Medical Center Friends Association is a non-profit organization founded 25 years ago to foster and promote the development of the Medical Center in various fields.

Carmel Friends Association

​such as:

  • Construction and renovation projects;

  • Purchasing advanced medical equipment necessary for the departments, for the patients' wellbeing and for promoting quality medicine;

  • Encouraging medical research among the Hospital's staff.

The board members and trustees are volunteers, some of whom come from the ranks of Haifa's public figures in the areas of economy, banking, politics and society. All of them contribute time and energy to push forward the Carmel Medical Center.

Public relations, sponsored by the Association, are the main vehicle for raising funds and public support. These activities include organizing events for the general public and for the community of supporters, such as an annual gala night dedicated to upgrading or purchasing advanced medical instruments for the hospital's many departments.

All profits from such events are invested in the patients' wellbeing.

The Friends' Association is a registered association and it holds a certificate of proper management by the Registrar of Associations. Therefore, all the donations it receives in Israel are tax exempt by law.


Dear Donors,

The rapid development of medicine poses new challenges to the Hospital. The Carmel Medical Center's management is making the greatest efforts to raise funds for the advancement and prosperity of the Hospital; the public's support is an extremely important foundation for the realization of the Hospital's development plans.

Your good-will donation to the hospital in general or to any of its specific departments, following your hospitalization and independently of it, will be accepted with the utmost gratitude. Your thanks will be forwarded to anyone who is concerned.


Donations can be made in the following ways:


  • Donations from the USA are 100% tax exempt as follows:

    • Make your check payable to The Israel Healthcare Foundation

    • Mailing address:

      The Israel Healthcare Foundation
      25 West 45th Street, Suite 1405
      New York, NY 10036

    • An accompanying note should say that the donation is for Carmel Medical Center and intended for a specific target or general needs.

    • For more information, you may call The Israel Healthcare Foundation: 212-840-1166

  • By personal appointment, to receive information and to direct the donation according to the donor's wish. Please call 04-8250582, from 8:30 to 14:00.

  • By sending a check by mail, payable to the Carmel Medical Center's Friends Association, 7 Michal St., Haifa 3436212. Please enclose a letter specifying the donor's details, the donation's purpose and its sum.

  • By bank transfer: to Bank Leumi, Moryia Haifa branch, account number 10-886-519434/51. Please also send a letter specifying the donor's details, the donation's purpose and its sum to the Association's office at 7 Michal St., Haifa 3436212.

  • Online donation: please visit the donations page at

You can direct your donation to a specific purpose or leave it for us to decide, according to the Center's immediate needs.


Commemorating Your Loved Ones

You can commemorate your loved ones on a donor plaque (inscribed according to your preference) that will be placed in the Carmel Medical Center's main entrance hall. The minimum donation for a memorial plaque is 40,000 Shekels.

For further details, please call: 04-8250582.


Donation by Companies and Businesses

According to a law amendment passed by the Knesset in 2001, the maximum donation to be eligible for tax exemption will be 2 million Shekels. If a donor does not fully use this quota, it could be used in subsequent years.


Projects in Collaboration with the Friends Association

Building a playground and a park for children who are hospitalized in the Pediatric Department, renovating and upgrading the E.R, purchasing laparoscopic equipment for the surgery units, purchasing incubators for the NICU, purchasing an advanced OCT instrument for the Ophthalmological Department, upgrading the catheterization unit etc.

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