More services for the benefit of patients and visitors:


  • Department of Records and Medical Information. Telephone: 08-6400993, 08-6403472   
  • Social Work Service. Telephone: 08-6400327, 08-6403799 
  • Security Department. Telephone: 08-6400555, 08-6400299
  • Religious Services and Kashrut Department.  Telephone: 08-6400895, 050-6264204, 057-7220531    
    ◾Muslim prayer room
  • Maternity discharge.  Telephone: 08-6403065, 08-6400242
  • Yakar Soroka (ram 2).  Telephone: 08-6400389
  • Yad Sarah Branch – free loan of medical equipment.  Telephone: 08-6450747
  • Free loan of wheelchairs to transfer patients within hospital:ATM: At the main entrance to the medical services building and a pedestrian bridge
  • Free deposit of valuables: The hospital is not liable for loss or theft of valuables. You should not bring expensive valuables. However, you can deposit valuables in the safe at the Emergency Room Reception  Office. The service is free.