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JCI accreditation: A decade of international medical excellence

Soroka is the first hospital in Israel to pass the accreditation inspection with distinction for the fourth time and the only one to meet this standard for over a decade.


Among the central issues inspected: quality of care, safety of care, and the safety of the environment for employees.
The head of the JCI inspection team: "You can be proud of your excellent work. The quality of treatment given at Soroka is outstanding. Receiving this renewed accreditation is a significant achievement".

The University Medical Center Soroka of the Clalit group, passed with distinction the accreditation inspection - a formal accreditation inspection by the international organization Joint Commission International, to promote and improve medical quality and patient safety and treatment. This is the strictest quality standard granted to hospitals in Israel and abroad, indicating the excellent quality and the safety of the medical treatment administered at hospitals.

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During the preparation for the inspection, all hospital employees participated in preparing and implementing procedures, as well as improving work processes, that were characterized by professional work, personal responsibility and team pride.
Over a period of one week, five inspectors performed the inspection, each with decades of experience in health systems around the world. Dozens of various fields were strictly inspected according to a model developed and updated continually by the American JCI and based on strict international standards, and the medical center was obligated to meet approximately 1300 demands.

The Soroka Medical Center is the first hospital in Israel to receive this accreditation for the fourth time during the past decade. Integrated accreditation as an academic hospital under version 6 - the most advanced version - brings Soroka to the frontline of meeting world standards, on par with the highest-quality hospitals in the world.

The accredication inspection is based on a long list of standards, divided into two main categories:

  • Clinical standards referring to the treatment itself, including international safety objectives, method of evaluating the patients and their treatment, instructing the patients and their family, surgery and anesthesia, infection control and management of pharmaceutical treatment 
  • Management standards pertaining to the hospital's conduct as a medical center, including employee recruitment and training, management of studies, infratructure management and maintenance and information management

As an academic hospital, Soroka was inspected on its cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine at Ben-Gurion University, including the method of determining study plans, the nomination of lecturers, the academic advancement of doctors, the assessment of medical students in the departments, and the satisfaction of students and residents performing clinical internships and residencies at the hospital.

The inspectors stated that since Soroka is a university-academic hospital, the inspection performed was among the strictest available, and the hospital was found to be in line with important and leading hospitals world-wide.


Dr. Shlomi Codish, Director of the Soroka University Medical Center: "The inspection week is the culmination of a long period and hard work, during which the work processes implemented make Soroka the safest hospital for its patients. The inspectors were impressed by the quality and safety of treatment and stated they were inspired by the work being done here. They emphasized that the incredible care by employees is evident towards both patients and colleagues. I was filled with pride to be standing at the head of a team of employees who are so skilled and dedicated".

Dr. Codish adds: "All Soroka employees bring the hospital to a place where the patient can feel safe in the hands of the medical team taking care of them. The results of the inspection constitute an additional layer to Soroka being a leading medical center in Israel. The real challenge for all of us as a team is to maintain these achievements, leverage the professional quality, and implement it continually into the routine".


Leah Cohen, Director of Nursing at Soroka: "This is the fourth time that Soroka has passed the inspection with distinction. It is a milestone for us and for our patients. In the world where we operate, the success of a leading health organization is based on the fundamentals of quality and patient safety. Through amazing cooperation between the administration backbone and all Soroka employees who worked day and night, we passed the inspection with flying colors".


Yarden Nevo, Associate Director General:" The accreditation process, while implementing hospital-wide processes, brought around a change in the organization's culture: we all speak the same language and act according to professional and measurable standards that bring continuous improvement. Soroka employees have made quality and safety a way of life". 


The following link is provided to report a patient safety or quality of care concern to JCI: http://www.jointcommissioninternational.org/contact-us/report-a-quality-and-safety-issue/.