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Greetings to all of our Friends



Welcome to all who log on to the English website of Soroka Medical Center.


Here you’ll find information about Soroka and about the medical, communal, and educational projects we provide.


All our doing is for the benefit of the communities of the Negev and their more than a million residents.

​I very much hope that awareness of the varied healthcare activities of Soroka will spark your interest in joining us and partnering with us as a significant part of the hospital community.

As a pioneering and preeminent teaching hospital located in Beer Sheva, Soroka Medical Center serves a diverse population of Israelis in the entire southern region of the State. With a commitment to excellence and the translation of research to practice, Soroka delivers the treatment and training that is advancing the field of medicine while improving the lives of some of Israel’s most vulnerable citizens.

The Negev is a growing, thriving community. A cohesive family bound together by a shared vision for a bright future. Expanding before our eyes, the future of the State of Israel depends on the South. Nowhere is this vision more palpable than at Soroka Medical Center: You sense it the moment you walk through our doors. Native Israelis mingle with immigrants from Russia, North America, Ethiopia, and beyond. Soldiers escort private citizens, farmers console businessmen. Jews converse with their Bedouin neighbors, children with their elders.

You can feel it in the care we provide our patients. Everyone who comes to Soroka is treated with the respect and concern they deserve. Being a community means accepting shared responsibility. Our personal interest in our patients stems from this feeling. When one person is in pain, it hurts the rest of us.

And you see it in our unparalleled professional excellence. Internationally recognized, Soroka leads the way in a growing number of medical specialties. Our diverse regional population gives us a unique expertise in patient care.

Much more than just a hospital, Soroka is a place where the Negev heals and grows stronger together.
A warm welcome to Soroka. Welcome to our community.

Dr. Shlomi Codish
Director General
Soroka Medical Center