The hospital staff also deals with academic teaching and clinical research

Since the founding of the Soroka University Medical Center in 1959, its staff has been engaged in  research and academic teaching, and commited to provide quality educational experiences for  future health care providers.
With the establishment of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University alongside the Medical Center, extensive activity in the area of teaching and research activity at the Medical Center has expanded greatly.
Soroka works closely with Ben Gurion University and train health professionals.
The  patients may be asked if they would be willing to let a student examine them or ask  them some questions, and thay may also be invited to participate in one of the hospital’s research projects.
If the patient  agrees, all information he provide will remain strictly confidential.

We hope that most patients will agree, as their participation is an important contribution towards students' education and an investment in everyone's future health care.
Although, the patient is under no obligation to participate in either teaching or research, and they are free to
Whether they agree or refuse, it will have no effect on the treatment and care they receive.