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Saban Pediatric Medical Center

Small Patients, Big Medicine

Division Chairman: Prof. David Greenberg

The Pediatric Division at Soroka provides services to the nearly 400,000 children who reside in the Negev. This diverse population includes immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Argentina, and other countries, veteran Israelis and Bedouin. The Division continuously looks toward the future and works to advance pediatric medicine in the Negev through constant and intense activity in a variety of fields. 

The Division has 100 hospital beds, 75 physicians in 24 sub-specializations in pediatrics, 300 nurses, and annual activity that includes 35,000 ER visits, 12,000 hospitalizations, 15,000 visits the pediatric ambulatory services, and 13,000 births.
The story of the Pediatric Division is inextricably linked to the story of the Negev.

Facing the Future: Advancing Pediatric Medicine in the Negev.

The Division's services are provided in the following frameworks: 

Saban Center for Pediatric Medicine - Hospitalization in a Cinema Setting and Educational Center for Hospitalized Children.

Academic Activities and Research in the Pediatric Division
The Pediatric Division is recognized for residencies in pediatrics and every year absorbs new residents in pediatric and its various sub-specialties.

Academic Activities

Senior physicians of the Division engage in teaching students from the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), including medical students from the regular program as well as from the joint BGU Medical School for International Health in collaboration with Columbia University Medical Center. Teaching takes place at the patients' bedsides. 
Physicians of the Division also teach students of nursing, physical therapy and emergency medicine (paramedics) from the Recanati School for Community Health Professions.
Other academic activities include continuing education for physicians specializing in pediatrics and senior physicians as well as interdepartmental presentations. 


  • Senior Division physicians regularly engage in pediatric research to advance the future of the field
  • Dozens of articles written by the Division's physicians are published in prestigious journals annually.