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Dr Shulamit Katzman in memory

​DR. SHULAMIT KATZMAN was a woman of exceptional capabilities and character. She truly was a woman of letters, with a commanding grasp of half a dozen languages and a deep love and understanding of literature. She was passionate about art and culture, having the depth of knowledge and appreciation that comes only to those with real insight and comprehension.

A professional who dedicated herself to her chosen career of medicine, her ability as a healer went far beyond her enormous skills as a physician to reach and help those in need.

Dr. Katzman possessed a rare combination of diverse talents and interests, as well as remarkable sensitivity and humility, all of which she applied to the great benefit of those whose lives she touched.
She deeply impacted and influenced all those around her - her family, her patients, her friends, and her community - and she was greatly loved and admired.

Dr. Katzman was a prominent, respected, and beloved pediatrician who served as a clinical attending at Holtz Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Emergency Room of the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Medical Center.

Born in Chicago and raised in Israel, Dr. Katzman graduated as valedictorian from Gymnasia Herzliah High School in Tel-Aviv.
Following her service in the Israel Defense Forces, Dr. Katzman entered Tel-Aviv University’s Medical School, from which she graduated in 1988. Shulamit, her husband, Chaim, and eldest daughter, Abigail, then moved to Miami, where she completed a pediatric residency program at Jackson Memorial Hospital
University of Miami’s Department of Pediatrics. It is in Miami that Shulamit and Chaim raised their three daughters, Abigail, Bat-Ami, and Evrona.

Dr. Katzman’s dedication to treating her patients and supporting their families through difficult and challenging times is testament to her strength of character and her selfless nature.

She tirelessly sought to provide the best care for the children she treated and was universally respected by peers and colleagues for her achievements and her compassion. Dr. Katzman’s commitment to helping others went farther than her role as a physician.
She was actively involved in Larger than Life, an Israeli nonprofit organization focused on improving the quality of life of children and youth with cancer in Israel. Dr. Katzman never sought recognition for her unwavering efforts and contributions to a multitude of worthy causes and was respected by all those who knew her.

Additionally, for the past seven years, Dr. Katzman served as a mentor for Women of Tomorrow at Dr. Michael Krop High School, a program designed to address the needs of at-risk teenage girls by inspiring these young women to reach their full potential, a cause for which Dr. Katzman was particularly passionate. Most recently, she received the Women of Tomorrow’s 2013 Mentor of the Year Award and the Jackson Memorial Foundation’s 2013 Jay W. Weiss Humanitarian Award.

Outside of Women of Tomorrow and Larger than Life, Dr. Katzman took part in many other benevolent causes including the International Kids Fund, a nonprofit, philanthropic program of the Jackson Memorial Foundation committed to helping critically ill children gain immediate access to essential medical treatments that are unavailable in their home countries. Dr. Katzman also served on the Boards of Kesher, a school for special needs and learning-challenged children, the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, and the Design Museum of Holon, Israel.

Dr. Shulamit Katzman passed away on August 2013.

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