Dear Mamma Breast Care Center

​At present, nearly 3,500 women are examined annually for breast services, of which 250 undergo surgical procedures for benign and malignant growths.

The establishment of the Dear Mamma Comprehensive Breast Care Center within Emek Medical Center will offer the diverse female population of our region a totally supporting facility committed to their well-being - at their greatest time of need.

Every procedure and treatment required for helping these women to effectively deal with this disease will be concentrated in one full service center. Our plans include advanced intraoperative radiotherapy surgical procedures that could, in many cases, eliminate the need for subsequent radiation therapy after the removal of a tumor.

The center will offer an advanced array of services to women at all stages of the disease, as well as to those who are concerned about their risk. The need for traveling from place to place and from physician to physician in order to receive the necessary care and diagnosis would be eliminated.

All the necessary procedures will be available and coordinated by a multidisciplinary team of physicians and support staff, in a warm and welcoming environment. Such a structured facility can greatly facilitate and improve management of patients, a concept that was repeatedly proved by similar models in leading Breast Cancer Centers all over the world. In addition to its ability to improve the coordinated efforts of medical staff, such a facility (which does not exist yet in Northeast Israel) can become a national leading center for research and medical education.

Emek is grateful to the Dear Foundation who generously funded this life-saving project.

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