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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is EMC?
    In the Jezre’el Valley within the city of Afula in Northern Israel.
  • When was it established?
  • How many beds?
  • How many people are served and who are they?
    500,000 Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze
  • Who is employed?
    2,400 multi-ethnic staff including 520 physicians, 725 nurses, 100+ academics and support personnel
  • How many medical departments?
  • How many Outpatient Clinics?
  • Is EMC a referral hospital?
    Yes, a national referral center for Retinal Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, IVF and BMV. EMC is a regional referral center for the English, French and Italian Hospitals located in Nazareth.
  • Who owns EMC?
    Clalit Health Services (equivalent to an American HMO) owns and operates EMC & 13 other general hospitals throughout Israel.
  • What differentiates EMC from other Israeli hospitals?
    EMC is a community hospital that serves a culturally rich population that is equally divided (50/50) between Jews and Arabs. It is the first hospital of the Clalit Health Services Group and repeatedly receives the highest ranking in national patient satisfaction surveys. Emek’s CEO is the first woman in the history of Israel to be chosen to lead a major medical center.