​Beit Shulamit Cancer Center

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Unique architectural design by world-renowned Ron Arad / building materials and concept are unlike anything built in Israel and are of a considerably higher standard. 

Beit Shulamit will change the face of healthcare for northeastern Israel as it will usher in an era of near-to-home cancer treatment and care. It will provide a welcoming close-to-nature haven for consultations, testing, diagnosis, state-of-the-art radiation therapy, complimentary therapies, ambulatory chemo-therapy, adult and pediatric inpatient departments, a unique well-being center and will house an exceptional Cancer Research Center. 

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The Project


Adult clinics will include a hematology unit (leukemia, lymphoma etc.) and an oncology unit (colon cancer, lung cancer etc.  The clinics are expected to be visited by 10,000 patients every year.

Day Hospital

The day hospital department is expected to administer close to 20,000 chemotherapy treatments a year to oncology and hematology patients. The department will comprise multiple chemotherapy stations, specially designed to offer a wide-range of options, starting in treatment in a private room, through to a communal treatment space that allows social interaction. All stations will have a view to the open grounds and nature.

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Oncology-Hematology Children's Center

The Oncology-Hematology Center is expected to service close to 4,000 children every year. The Center will offer diagnosis, ambulatory treatment and day treatment for children. The Center will contain separate areas for oncology treatments and hematology treatments, as well as several isolation rooms. The design of the Center will be child-friendly and appropriate and will include a separate entrance and a playground.

Hospitalization Ward

The Hospitalization Ward will contain 36 inpatient beds in rooms that will be specially designed to allow optimal privacy for each patient alongside a spectacular view of the Jezreel Valley. The Ward will be located on the third floor, with covered balconies offering additional space for the patients and their family members.

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Radiotherapy Institute

The radiation institute is expected to service close to 1,500 patients every year, with several treatments per patient. The institute is expected to be one of the most active departments of the Cancer Center. The institute will contain two accelerators as well as infrastructure for a third accelerator. It will be located on the ground floor of Beit Shulamit and, unlike other radiation institutes, will have a view to the valley.

Well-Being Center

The mental strength of the patient and his or her family are crucial to fighting cancer. Beit Shulamit will make available to patients and their families a variety of complementary therapy and activities, aiming to provide some relief, such as shiatzu, reflexology, yoga, and art and music therapy. The Center will also offer patients a hairdresser, a library and a therapeutic garden. The Center will service thousands of patients and family members every year.

Auditorium & Main Entryway Lobby

Anyone entering Beit Shulamit will first pass directly through the gracious auditorium lobby on their way to reception.  The multifunctional auditorium will have 80 permanent comfortable seats arranged on a terraced floor for unobstructed viewing, an elegant stage and podium and state-of-the-art audio visual equipment.  The overall design will be inviting, pleasing to the eye and a unique compliment to Beit Shulamit, allowing for conferences and special activities. 

Research Institute 

Beit Shulamit will operate one of the world's most advanced centers for cancer research, under the academic wings of the Technion. The academic committee of the Center will be headed by Aaron Ciechnover, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004. The Research Institute will allow the combination of basic research and clinical research for physicians working at Beit Shulamit who seek to combine the practice and research of medicine.