Cancer Center

Comprehensive & Close to Home

​Cancer ravages not only a person’s body, but their family as well. The battle can be long or short and it is vital for a patient (adult or child) to be able to be treated near their home, family, school and friends. This will now become a blessed reality for the peripheral northeastern population of Israel who have, up until now, been denied these close-to-home vital services.

The comprehensive Dr. Shulamit Katzman Cancer Center will be three levels above ground with two underground parking levels. The southern wing above ground buildings will be staggered so as each level up will be smaller than the preceding level and the subsequent open areas will be vacant for porches, walking areas and patios. The northern wing above ground buildings will be squarely stacked with straight lines with an option to add an additional future floor.

The center will be situated on the east side of the campus ring road and linked to the main campus via two tunnels: the southern tunnel for service vehicles and a northern tunnel for pedestrians.

The center’s conceptual design is ‘green’, with many shade-giving exterior pergolas and easy-access walkways passing straight through gardens and natural surroundings.

green design.jpg 

Ambulatory Chemotherapy Center

Dignified, calming and pleasant atmosphere with wrap-around views to natural and beautiful gardens.

Ambulatory Chemotherapy Center.jpg

Hospitalization With Dignity

Comfortable and spacious quarters with room for family and visitors. Large windows offer unobstructed views of gardens with abundant natural light.

Hospitalization With Dignity.jpg