Useful Information

Patient Rights

The Medical Center staff does everything possible to provide quality and professional care and create a warm, pleasant, and supportive environment for patients and their families.

Most patients' rights are set forth in the Patients' Rights Act of 1996. Among these are the following:

  • to receive appropriate, courteous, and considerate medical treatment with maximum respect for the patient and his privacy
  • to have another person during physical examinations
  • to know the name, profession, and the role of caregiver
  • to receive an explanation of the disease, the treatment proposed,
    the expected benefits and possible risks of treatment, and the possibility of alternative treatment

Patients' obligations:

  • to provide the staff  with complete and accurate information on health, including proper documentation, if possible
  • to inform healthcare providers of any change in their health situation
  • to respect healthcare providers and respond to the instructions
  • to follow hospital rules, such as visiting hours, maintaining cleanliness and quiet, treating hospital property with respect, not using a cell phone in places where it is forbidden, and to refrain from smoking in the hospital
  • to respect the rights, dignity, and property of other patients

 Soroka University Medical Center is a university teaching hospital that teaches medical students and students of other health professions. We ask our patients to show understanding of this.

Office of Public Inquiries

The following link is provided to report a patient safety or quality of care concern to JCI: