About Us


Management and employees of the Soroka University Medical Center work together to promote the vision and values that guide the Medical Center


Soroka Medical Center's management has three branches:

Medical Management

Headed by Dr. Shlomi Codish ,Director General
The clinical activity at Soroka is at the heart of the work of improving our patient's health. 

The medical work at Soroka, at its many levels, is directed by the medical management, including the Director General and his four deputies, each of whom has a defined area of responsibility.

Central Areas of Activity of the Medical Management:

  • Medical Quality: advancing the quality of care of Soroka's patients to the highest possible level

  • Medical Personnel: recruitment, retention, and advancement of the medical staff

  • Equipment and Technology: advancing treatment options at the forefront of medical technology

  • Clinical Research: being a world leader in implementing clinical research for the advancement of medical knowledge

  • Emergency preparedness: preparing Soroka for emergency situations

  • Improving Service: striving to constantly improve services to our patients.

Headed by Ms. Lea Cohen, Director of Nursing

Administrative Management

Headed by Mr. Yarden Nevo, Associate Director General

At Soroka University Medical Center, approximately 1,300 staff members work in various administrative capacities. Administrative units operating in various fields and support systems are essential to all medical and nursing activities at Soroka and facilitate their proper functioning at all hours of the day and night.

Administrative Management units

  • Maintenance Department - Infrastructure, Engineering & Construction

  • Ambulatory Services

  • Medical Records and Information

  • Logistics

  • Human Resources

  • Finance

  • Computers, Information Systems, and Wired Communication Unit

  • Housekeeping Department

  • Security Department

  • Organization and Methods

  • Safety and Environment Unit

  • Radiation Safety

  • Sterile Supplies

  • Operational Vehicles

  • Medical Engineering

  • Emergency Plans

  • Religion and Kosher food.


Vision and values