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About Soroka Medical Cener

Bringing the best medical care to the Negev community.



Soroka University Medical Center of the Clalit, is the second largest hospital in Israel and the only one in the Negev, which covers 60% of the geographical area of the country


A tertiary center with approximately 1,000 hospital beds, Soroka provides medical services to the over one million residents of the region.


The Faculty of Health Sciences of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, including the School of Medicine, is located on the Soroka campus and collaboration with the University provides fertile ground for research and teaching.

Our administration and staff work diligently to promote the vision and values of Soroka. The Medical Center has received the accreditation of the prestigious Joint Commission International. In its 52 years of existence, Soroka has gone from being a small hospital in the periphery of the country to being one of the leading medical centers in the State of Israel and a center of excellence, providing quality, timely medical services to all residents of the Negev.

Soroka is leader in: 

  • the use of advanced technologies

  • research and development

  • nurturing human capital and protecting human dignity and rights

Soroka leads in many fields and activities, research, and advanced services, among them:

  • The Cardiac Section – cardiothoracic surgery (surgery and cardiology)

  • Bariatric treatment – surgery to treat morbid obesity

  • The National Pediatric Infectious Disease Unit, with clinical outcomes among the best worldwide

  • The Unit for Infection Control

  • The Burn Unit

  • Intensive care units – general, internal medicine, and pediatric - with clinical outcomes among the best in the world

  • The largest trauma center in the country - with eight treatment stations, including a special one for children. Soroka's experienced trauma teams treat approximately 600 trauma cases annually

  • The delivery room, the most "fertile" in the country, with approximately 14,000 births per year and a highly experienced medical staff

Facts & Figures:

Soroka University Medical Center is the largest employer in the Negev, with 4,200 employees, including 800 physicians and approximately 2,000 nurses.

Every year approximately:

  • 6.5 million people pass through Soroka's gates

  • 500,000 ambulatory visits

  • 200,000 emergency room visits

  • 38,000 CT examinations

  • 32,000 surgeries

  • 14,000 births

  • 10,000 MRI tests

  • 2,500 cardiac catheterizations and interventional electro-physiology procedures


Vision and Values
A Strategic Asset to Israel