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First published: 26.11.2018

Fundraising evening for the Nephrology department - 8.11.18

Over half a million NIS were collected during a unique fundraising evening for the Nephrology and Dialysis Department at Soroka.



Soroka is one of the only hospitals in Israel with a designated department for kidney patients


Approximately 540 dialysis patients living in the Negev are treated at various dialysis units connected to the Nephrology Department at Soroka.


Kidney patients in the Negev have a major advantage in registering for and having a kidney transplant perfomed at Soroka.

The fundraising evening for the Nephrology and Dialysis Department that took place last week at The Goodman Acting School of the Negev, was dedicated to the expansion and renovation of the Adult Dialysis Unit and construction of additional designated treatment rooms for kidney transplantees.

The event took place at The Goodman Acting School of the Negev, hosted by Oren Cohen - an actor at Beer Sheva Theatre and a DJ at Radio Darom.

Businesspeople, mayors, and heads of local authorities took part in the event, among them: Ruvik Danilovich - Mayor of Beer Sheva, Pini Badash - Omer Council Director, administrators at Soroka, employees of the Nephrology Department and Dialysis Unit, residents of the area, and members of the Friends of Soroka Foundation.

In recent years, the number of kidney transplants at Soroka has increased significantly and a multidisciplinary team accompanies the patients and performs the many preparation tests and required medical follow-up.
Kidney patients in the Negev have a major advantage in registering for and having a kidney transplant perfomed at Soroka, since the treating team at the department knows its patients personally and adapts the best possible treatment.
It's very important to have transplants performed close to the patient's area of residence: proximity makes it easier for transplantees and their families and improves availability, medical follow-up, quality of life and functioning after the transplant.

The amount collected at the fundraising evening is intended to improve the physical conditions at the department - a combination of experienced teams at the transplant unit and specialists in the field of nephrology, together with an appropriate and spacious hostel for patients, will allow us to give optimal service when treating dialysis and kidney patients in the Negev.                                                          

Ruvik Danilovich, Mayor of Beer Sheva: "This evening is especially moving for me. I feel part of a loving and supportive family. When looking at Prof. Yosef Haviv, director of the department and his wonderful team, you can see they arrive at work with a lot of professionalism and a lot of soul, plant hope, save lives and provide a good coping atmosphere for patients. The patients, as well as the team working at the department, who are there most hours of the day, deserve the best conditions".

Dr. Shlomi Kodesh, Director of the Soroka University Medical Center: "Soroka is a leading medical center, one of six super centers in the country and the only one in the south of Israel. All residents of the Negev and Israel know the strategic importance of Soroka. At Soroka professional high quality teams work every day of the year, are characterized by extraordinary dedication to patients and have that same southern spirit we know so well. Our Nephrology Department and the Hemodialysis Unit within it are a model of professionalism and dedication, and anyone who needs the dedicated team's treatment knows it right away".

Prof. Yosef Haviv, Director of the Nephrology Department at Soroka: "We work for the benefit of kidney patients in the Negev and are proud of the momentum in the kidney transplant field and the continued excellence in treating kidney diseases. There is a need to adjust the level of infrastructure at the dialysis unit to the medical and nursing levels at a department that is among the highest-ranked in the country".

The evening's success had many partners: Radio Darom, Linda and Avi, owners of Odyssey ballrooms and Pepe Michel ballrooms, the photographer Michel Amzaleg and the newspaper Yediot Hanegev. The evening was hosted by Oren Cohen, an actor and DJ at Radio Darom.