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First published: 05.06.2019

Annual fundraising event - 2019

This year's annual fundraiser by the friends of Soroka Medical Center is earmarked for the opening of a new neurological department at the Brain Center

The fundraising event will take place on Thursday, June 27, 2019,
at the Omer Amphitheater; Miri Michaeli will be the MC, and Ethnix will perform, with guest singer Dudu Aharon,

Radio Darom (95.8 FM, 97 FM, and 101.5 FM) will dedicate a day of broadcasting to the fundraiser, including stories featuring patients and hospital personnel

This year, Soroka Medical Center celebrates its 60th anniversary. In the 60 years since its founding, Soroka has become a leading university medical center and a strategic asset for the State of Israel in peacetime and emergencies. It provides first-rate medical treatment and invests significant resources in promoting the health of the Negev's inhabitants, while placing its patients at the center of its endeavors.
This investment is expressed in part through the integration of cutting‑edge technologies and advanced medical procedures, recruitment of top-class manpower, ongoing development and new construction.

This year, the annual fundraiser of the Friends of Soroka Medical Center will be dedicated to raising funds for the opening of a new neurological department in Soroka's renowned Brain Center. The Brain Center is an interdisciplinary project, unique in Israel, which will unite neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, rehabilitation specialists and brain imaging experts, in a single organizational framework.

Brain diseases are a significant challenge to societies in the West. Those who suffer from such ailments typically have special requirements and suffer from several simultaneous medical conditions, so that diverse personnel with their own unique medical training are needed for effective intervention. Thus, the Brain Center at Soroka affords a holistic, integrative approach to patients; it also provides the training ground for the physicians of the future in treating patients suffering from brain disorders, and enables the medical staff to conduct groundbreaking research in the lateral areas where disciplines overlap.

Some 1,000 guests are expected to attend the fundraiser, including mayors and other local government heads, public figures, members of the regional business community and local organizations, representatives from Clalit's management, directors of the Soroka University Medical Center, staff members of the Brain Center, and patients and their families.

Dr. Shlomi Codish, Director of Soroka Medical Center: "Soroka University Medical Center has a unique national and social function. Investment in medical devices, construction and equipment is an important part of providing excellent healthcare to our patients. Investment in new infrastructure is designed to ensure that we will continue to provide outstanding medical service, thanks to highly skilled professionals, who are leaders in their own fields."

Prof. Gal Ifergan, Director of Soroka's Neurological Department and Brain Center:
"Today, brain medicine faces a challenge we never had in the past: a growing number of patients, alongside therapeutic capabilities that are developing with unprecedented speed. To meet this challenge, and provide professional, advanced medicine to the Negev's inhabitants, we must expand and upgrade the hospital's existing therapeutic infrastructure. We believe the new department will afford better treatment conditions for the growing number of patients."

To prepare for the Friends' event, Radio Darom will hold a special day of broadcasting, during which public figures, donors, department members and patients will tell their own inspiring stories.

The Friends of Soroka, directed by Ms. Orna Miara, is a volunteer nonprofit association that raises funds for aquiring essential medical devices and equipment, building new wings, promoting projects to improve and advance medical treament, and enhancing the relationship between the hosptial and the inhabitants of the Negev.

The evening, with MC Miri Michaeli, will feature a festive reception with a rich choice
of refreshments and a performance by Ethnix
and guest singer Dudu Aharon.

The fundraiser will be held on Thursday, June 27, 2019, at 19:00,
at the Omer Amphitheater

For tickets, please call 08-640-3142 or 050-626-0562
Orna Miara, Director, Friends of Soroka