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Residency at Soroka

Building the future—residency at Soroka University Medical Center

Committee Staff:

Why do your residency at Soroka?

  • Soroka has a concentration of special cases from all over the Negev and provides broad exposure to a diverse, unique, and fascinating population: native-born Israelis, new immigrants, and Bedouin from permanent settlements and outlying villages
  • Soroka works in full cooperation with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, which provides fertile ground for research, promotes close ties with students, and provides teaching positions from the beginning of the residency
  • Soroka is a hospital with a family atmosphere and good interpersonal relations
  • Residency at Soroka opens the way to employment options in the South and throughout the country following excellent training
  • Soroka accepts residents in all fields, including those that are "blocked" in the center of the country
  • Scholarships and rent assistance are available for those who chose areas of specialization with particular need
  • The Unit for the Promotion of Research at Soroka assists in the planning, management, and support of research
  • Residential options are available in Beer-Sheva and the surrounding area (apartments and single family homes), and housing prices are lower than they are in the center of the country
  • Rapid transport to the area  is available: Highway 6 and Israel Railways
  • Beer-Sheva and the surrounding area provide a broad cultural infrastructure that includes an excellent theater company, the Sinfonietta, an acting school, and a dance school.