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Internship at Soroka

Welcome to Soroka! The internship office at Soroka provides a welcoming home for interns and a listening ear for everything concerning interns' successful absorption and choosing a future specialty.



Soroka University Medical Center is the only tertiary hospital in the Negev, serving a population of a million and a half people from Kiryat Gat to Eilat.
The Medical Center works in close cooperation with the Faculty of Health Sciences of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The hospital is in an ongoing process of construction and development, constantly adding new buildings, wards, equipment, and advanced technologies to serve patients.

The hospital serves a diverse population, including veteran Israelis, immigrants, and Bedouin from the Negev and the medical staff is exposed to medical issues and cases unique to this region. 

Information about Internship at Soroka
Beginning an
internship is conditioned upon confirmation of passing the necessary exams and successful completion of training at the Israel Center for Medical Simulation. The internship program is planned together with each intern.

There are two tracks for internship:

  • the regular track, including compulsory and elective months
  • a direct specialization in pediatrics, surgery, and internal medicine in which the  elective months and another month are moved  to the beginning of the requested internship. This track is not available for "atudaim" (those studying medicine prior to their IDF service through a special IDF program). It is not possible to switch between tracks.

Ongoing Work
During internship, interns are teamed with hospital departments and take part in the ongoing work, which includes patient intake, blood sampling, patient discharge, rounds, and more. It is important to organize the day and divide the work in order to fulfill all tasks before the end of the workday.

Once a month, a seminar is held by one of the various hospital units on topics in medicine and new research. Participation is mandatory for interns so they can be exposed to various medical fields in order to be able to select their field of specialization in the future.

Duty Roster
According to Ministry of Health regulations, interns must be on duty four times a month. Additional duty in wards where it is necessary, such as pediatrics, internal medicine, and surgery), is subject to the approval of the management.

Other Conditions
Soroka provides lunch at a nominal cost and when they are on duty, interns receive a sandwich and hot meal. Soroka has restaurants and hot drink stalls with a discount for workers and a variety of cafeterias and restaurants at the University. Parking stickers are provided for vehicle owners. The hospital does not provide housing for workers.

Residency at Soroka
One of the goals of the internship is to enable interns to choose their future specialization and residency. Soroka University Center is open for residents in all areas of expertise. In specialties such as internal medicine, anesthesiology and pediatrics, generous scholarships and grants will be granted to applicants who meet the necessary criteria.

At Soroka many clinical studies are conducted within the departments and research institutes. The Research Unit assists in planning the research, supporting, and accompanying studies.