About Us

Vision and Values

Our Guiding Vision

Soroka University Medical Center will provide state-of-the-art medical services to all residents of the Negev in an egalitarian manner and will proudly serve as the hospital of the entire southern region. We will lead the way in terms of:

  • professionalism

  • quality of care

  • efficiency

  • availability

  • accessibility.

We will tailor our care to the special needs of the Negev's unique and varied population, with the needs of patients and their families always at the center of our vision.

We will cultivate teaching and research, constantly striving for excellence among our physicians and other staff members while continuously strengthening our links with medical caregivers throughout the community.

We are committed to our Fundamental Values:


Excellence, Innovation and Creativity

  • providing the best medical care possible

  • employing advanced medical technologies

  • utilizing resources responsibly and intelligently

  • continuously striving for improvement

Human Dignity

  • placing patients and their families at the center

  • providing fair, equal, and humane treatment for each individual according to his or her needs

  • safeguarding patients' rights

  • respecting the other.


  • providing focused and individually tailored care to patients and their families

  • encouraging mutual respect, compassion, and cultural sensitivity in caring for the multi-cultural community that we serve.

Teaching and Research

  • teaching in all fields of medicine

  • advancing connections and academic cooperation with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

  • conducting basic and clinical research and cooperation with prestigious academic institutions in Israel and throughout the world.

Fairness and Integrity: Basic and Guiding Values

  • encouraging professional and interpersonal honesty and candor

  • conducting activities based upon openness, transparency, and taking responsibility.

Cultivating Human Resources

  • employing professional manpower in all fields of medical service

  • operating a broad-based system for the development, maintenance, and improvement of skills for staff members

  • emphasizing cooperation and multidisciplinary professional team work.


  • adopting and emphasizing a culture of self-monitoring and inquiry

  • conducting systematic and continuous monitoring of processes, taking corrective action when needed.

Contributing to Society and the Community

  • instituting a program for the advancement, development, and improvement of the quality of life and health of our community

  • participating in a variety of activities aimed at advancing the wellbeing of the community and society at large.