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Teddy Bear Hospital

At Soroka we treat also teddy bears. This special project aims to allay children's fears of medical care at the hospital.



What better way could there be to teach children about what goes on at the hospital than inviting them with their favorite stuffed toys for "medical tests and treatment"?


The Teddy Bear Hospital project has been in operation since 2000. Each year, 200 kindergarten children from Beer-Sheva take part in it.


The project originated in Scandinavia, and is operated by many medical schools around the world with the support of medical students.

In Israel, medical students from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev were the first to conduct the project here at Soroka under the auspices of their student union, ASRAN.

Soroka warmly welcomed this wonderful initiative, and invites children to come with their favorite stuffed toys and teddies to consult with medical students on their "medical conditions". Before the visit to the hospital, students of medicine, physical therapy, nursing, and other health professions meet with the children, prepare them for their upcoming visit to the hospital and invite the children to bring their "sick" teddies, dolls and stuffed animals. On the day of the visit, the students await the children in white robes and stethoscopes, examine the teddies, talk to the children about the teddies' fears regarding the medical staff, and allow children to take an active part in the examination, thus exposing them to various processes that patients undergo at the hospital, such as X-rays, bandaging, getting medications at the pharmacy, and blood tests. The children also visit an ambulance and learn about road safety, nutrition, and dental hygiene.  According to a study conducted at Soroka, participating in the Teddy Bear Hospital project reduced the level of children's fears by 33%.