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Soroka and the community

University Medical Center: Devoted to Serving our Community

​At Soroka, we are proud of our close connection to the Negev community. We are leaders in advancing and developing programs aim at improving quality of life and promoting health

Activities are tailored to accommodate the different population groups that comprise the wonderful mosaic of the Negev with their varied countries of origin, religions, ethnicities, and age groups.

Soroka's staff members take place in a range of activities for the benefit of the community:

  • The Anita Kaufmann Epilepsy Education Center

  • Green Hospital

  • Teddy Bear Hospital

  • Public lectures on health topics "Briut be gova haeynayim" –a series of lectures for the general public on various health topics, presented by experts from Soroka, with the cooperation of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

  • Conferences on pregnancy and birth: twice-yearly conference for women and their partners in cooperation with Clalit Health Services and SBC marketing company. Lectures are given by Soroka physicians on various subjects such as ultrasound, pregnancy tests, nursing, and birth as an empowering experience.

  • The "Chamudim" health magazine for the family published in cooperation with Yediot Tikshoret and Clalit Health Services Southern Region. It includes information and useful tips on a variety of health topics, such as baby and child care, health promotion, disease prevention, growth problems in children, preparing children for surgery, and vaccinations.

  • Cooperation with "Club 50" –lectures on various subjects of concern to older people, including breast cancer, incontinence, physical activity at midlife, diabetes, and more

  • Educational Campaigns—for the general  public and for medical workers in the community on various health issues, disease prevention, and recognizing symptoms—for example in the case of strokes

  • Preventing Road Accidents—volunteers from Soroka take part in a project called "Walking to School Safely"

  • Participation in forums on the Clalit Health Services site—Soroka physicians from various specialties answer patients' questions online.

  • Health Days: Soroka takes part in Health Days in cooperation with various bodies, such as the Beer-Sheva Municipality, regional councils, and schools

  •  Medical conferences and meetings for present and past patients and their families to enrich their knowledge about the diseases from which they suffer and create a direct connection between doctors and medical staff to help them cope with their diseases and treatments (for example, kidney transplant patients, diabetes patients)

  • Training unskilled medical workers: A program to train women immigrants from Ethiopia to be medical workers.  A unique program voluntarily taught by doctors, nurses, and unskilled medical workers, paramedical teams, and others

  • Awareness Days—Soroka invites the public to free medical tests and explanations on various health issues 

  • Bargain Bazaar—every year before Pesach, the workers of the Cardiology Section organize a bargain bazaar whose profits are donated to an organization that helps needy people buy what they need for the Pesach holiday

  • Haikar ha Briut (Health is What Matters)—a weekly radio show produced in the framework of the Educational Center for Hospitalized children at Soroka

  • Assisting Holocaust survivors—Soroka workers make weekly home visits, visit hospitalized patients, and take part in various volunteer activities—lectures, organizing parties, and other events

  • Beit Samuel (Samuel House) Activities—Soroka staff members volunteer to assist a group of older people from Beit Samuel, educating them about diabetes, nutrition, and other health topics

  • Mitgalalim Yachad (Biking  Together) –a comprehensive leadership program for a group of youth that includes challenging activities involving bike riding.

Volunteering at Soroka

Soroka is proud to have approximately 380 volunteers who work in various areas and assist us in providing quality care to our patients.

Our volunteers provide a myriad of services as:

  • giving information to patients and their families at information stands adjacent to the operating rooms

  • distributing food and feeding patients

  • conducting EKGs

  • accompanying patients to medical tests

  • making calls to remind patients about clinic appointments.


National Service

Approximately 125 young men and women serve as volunteers at Soroka in the framework of the National Service in the areas of nursing and administration. These volunteers are an inseparable part of our Soroka family.