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Nursing Management

Director of Nursing: Lea Cohen



​The nursing staff at Soroka University Medical Center consists of approximately 2,000 nurses.


They work in the emergency rooms, departments, testing institutes, outpatient clinics, and operating rooms.


Nursing work takes place in many areas of specialization, including: surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, general intensive care, cardiac intensive care, and pediatric intensive care.


Nursing Staff Areas of Responsibility and Activity:

  • Determining and professionally managing organizational and budgetary policy regarding nursing in accordance with the policy of the  Ministry of Health and the Nursing Management of Clalit Health Services
  • Leading projects whose aim is to advance the quality of care and service for the wellbeing of patients
  • hospital attendants
  • hospital orderlies

The organizational structure of the nursing management staff

    • Director of Nursing
    • Deputy directors of nursing
    • Senior nursing specialty coordinators
      The domain coordinators are subordinate to the Director of Nursing and are responsible for coordinating their professional nursing domains:
      • Representing the field inside and outside of the institution
      • Providing counseling and advice in their domains to nursing staff and nurses in charge
      • Initiating, planning, and implementing practices and projects and methods in their domains
      • Developing control systems, planning quality control operations, and implementing their results
      • Determining professional needs and preparing plans for intervention and training programs
        Preparing regulations and guidelines, monitoring their implementation and supervisio
        Risk Management

        Risk management is an ongoing process designed to detect, assess, and control risk while taking action for improvement. Reporting adverse events helps detect and identify points of failure that could cause damage, and promotes the development of programs to improve the quality of service and medical care. The Soroka risk management team is committed to making every effort to prevent the next mistake.
      • divisional head nurses

        Head nurses stand at the head of the nursing staffs in each of the medical center's divisions—Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Anesthesiology. They are subordinate to the Director of Nursing and responsible for the following:
        • Managing nursing activities while ensuring compliance with standards, regulations, and guidelines in various areas: personnel, medical equipment, knowledge and inspection updates
        • Departmental head nurses
        • Representing their domains in the Medical Center and outside it, for purposes of exchanging information and providing professional and administrative assistance
        • Leading nursing projects, such as computing, tailoring menus for patients, and control and monitoring of various nursing areas at the divisional level
        • Cooperation with the domain coordinators
      • Nursing Subject Coordinators
        Nursing specialty coordinators are subordinate to the Director of Nursing and responsible for the following issues:
        Research, Transplants, Pain, Logistics, Stoma, CPR, Trauma
      • Quality Assurance Unit
        Ensuring quality and safety of treatment .
        The Quality Assurance Unit at Soroka has been operating since 1995 in three main areas:
        • Promotion of quality
        • Patient Safety
        • Accreditation

        The Unit's Functions include:

        • implementing management decisions and plans regarding treatmentquality and safety
        • providing professional assistance to all parties involved in promoting quality
        •  fostering an organizational culture that promotes quality and patient safety

In recent years, there has been a growing need for health care organizations to make quality and safety of patient care a major strategic goal:

  • Setting guidelines and professional standard
  • Leading the advancement of technology and medical care
  • Preparing the next generation of medical and health professions in the area of quality assurance of care and patient safety

Soroka's concern with quality is a basic value and commitment. Hospital management takes an active lead on this issue:

      • placing patients and their families at the center through their empowerment
      • managing patient safety as an essential element of the health system
      • setting goals, targets, and measures
      • implementing a systemic approach - coordinating activities and planning organization-wide changes
      • striving for rational and optimal utilization of resources
      • using control and monitoring measures, monitoring implementation of changes
      • promoting research and teaching
    • departmental head nurses
      Departmental head nurses are subordinate to the divisional nursing managers and are responsible for the ongoing management of nursing in their departments, including the operation of nursing services and nursing staff . They are responsible for planning, organizing, and running the nursing services in the departments, including:
      • division of tasks and work schedules, performance evaluation, and dealing with personal and interpersonal staff issues
      • nursing care for patients, providing support and therapeutic guidance of patients and their families, and responding to their requests
      • initiating improvements and innovations in the department and planning and running projects to promote and enrich the field of nursing
      • technical and economic aspects of the departments' activities, operation and control of household services, cleaning, maintenance and supply of household and medical equipment
      • recording information about the department, documentation and reporting on it
  • staff nurses
    Staff nurses are responsible for the ongoing management of the medical center during evening shifts, night shifts, Saturdays, and holidays.
    Professional administrative management is carried out according to professional standards and in accordance with the policy of the Medical Center Policy and the Director of Nursing:

      • Summoning the on-call director, at the discretion of the general nurse

      • Operating the Medical Center in emergency situations (initial operation)

      • Solving administrative and nursing problems that arise during their shifts

      • Adjusting nursing personnel on duty in accordance with changing needs

      • Operating departmental nursing managers in departments as needed

The nursing staff places its patients at the center of its attention and tailors its services to their needs, while creating a pleasant, family-like atmosphere and a sense of caring, and diligently works toward the constant advancement and improvement of professional work processes.