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External Relations Unit

Director: Ms. Orna Myara

For more details and to join projects, please contact Ms. Orna Myara: Tel. 08-6403963 or ornamy@clalit.org.il


The External Relations Unit:

  • manages the external relations of the Soroka University Medical Center with donors from abroad with the goal of maintaining, mobilizing, and maximizing donations and commitment
  • develops relationships with institutions and organizations in Israel and forges partnerships with them
  • produces proposals for donations for equipment and hospital development
  • organizes and supervises visits that highlight Soroka's points of excellence to guests from Israel and abroad and are tailored to the needs of potential donors
  • creates connections between the desires of donors and Soroka's priorities
  • shows Soroka's appreciation of donations by:
    • maintaining ties with donors throughout the year (Friends of Soroka)
    • producing ceremonies in honor of donors
    • maintaining information system for donations
    • producing brochures and messages to donors about what's happening at the Medical Center
    • working closely with friends' associations in the U.S. and Europe
    • contacts and initiates joint projects with various organizations in the community such as: municipalities, local councils, the Ministry of Education, and government offices
  • leads projects for the benefit of the community:
    • ''Ushpizin Soroka'' (Guests of Soroka) - a program that introduces schoolchildren from the South to the healthy parts of Soroka. The program includes lectures, activities, and visits to the medical center
    • ''Choose life''- a joint educational venture in cooperation with the Beer-Sheva municipality, Red Magen David, and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, whose main goal is to train school children in the South to save lives in life-threatening situation


friends of Soroka 

American friends of Soroka.