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The Anita Kaufmann Epilepsy Education Center

The Anita Kaufmann Epilepsy Education Center is here for you with information and explanations on epilepsy and support from the bottom of our hearts.



The Anita Kaufmann Epilepsy Education Center, established in 2004, is a unique center that operates throughout Israel.


Its main goal is to decrease the anxiety of people coping with epilepsy, to help them overcome their tendency to hide it, and to raise public awareness of epilepsy in general.


The aim is to eliminate the stigma connected to the disease and to reduce public fear of it through basic education about epilepsy and by instructing people how to give first aid during seizures.

The Anita Kaufmann (z"l) Story

An Inspiration to Epilepsy Patients The Epilepsy Education Center was established thanks to the stipulations of the will of the late Anita Kaufmann (z"l).

Anita Kaufmann (z"l)Anita Kaufmann began to suffer from epilepsy at the age of fourteen following a severe head trauma that occurred during a fall from a horse. Epilepsy did not prevent Anita from developing a thriving career as a partner in a law firm and a becoming a highly successful businesswoman. Throughout the years, she was treated with medications, but, as happens in approximately 30% of patients, they did not entirely prevent her seizures. Anita's story is an inspiration for epilepsy patients and shows them that it is possible to live a full, successful, and fulfilling life despite the condition.

Anita Kaufman passed away in November 2003 and was buried in Kibbutz
Kfar Menachem. In her will, she left funds to be used for epilepsy education.
Anita's love for Israel in general and the Negev in particular motivated her friend Debbie Josephs to donate to Soroka University Medical Center. In recent years, the Center has been operating thanks to the generous donation of Mr.Peter Kaufmann, Anita's father.

Services of the Anita Kaufmann Epilepsy Education Center


The Center provides free lectures on epilepsy that convey information about the disease: what causes epilepsy, what a seizure looks like, how to administer first aid during a seizure, treatment methods, and coping with the disease. To date, more than 2,200 lectures have been presented around the country to elementary school pupils, senior citizens, teachers, paramedical teams, students, dormitory staffs, and others.

Personal Help & Support

The Center offers an open line for people coping with epilepsy and their family members and provides a listening ear, support, and guidance.
Phone 08-6244481 or email epilepsy@clalit.org.il

Support Meetings
The Center holds monthly group meetings for girls with epilepsy. The group provides a safe place where girls can come together to share concerns and experiences about life with epilepsy and about life in general. The group is open to girls aged 15 and above. To join the group, please contact us by phone at 08-6244481 or email at epilepsy@clalit.org.il.

Fun Days

The Center organizes fun days and activities for children with epilepsy and their families. For information on activities you can join our mailing group. Please contact us by phone or email.

Children's Book Miss Epilepsy

In 2006, the Center issued an original children's book in Hebrew by Shai  Danenberg, Miss Epilepsy, which presents epilepsy in color pictures and explains it in a way children can understand. The book was sent as a gift to nearly 3,000 elementary schools and 1,200 public libraries. The book is also given as a gift to families with children struggling with epilepsy, to help parents explain the disease to them.

Thanks to a generous donation of the pharmaceutical company, Novartis, the book was dramatized in 2008 by students from the drama school in Beer - Sheva, and performed in dozens of schools in the South.