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Office: Phone 08-6400589
Mrs. Anat Gonen: Mobile 050-6434504
Prop. Gilbert Sabag: Mobile 050-6264339
 Fax 08-6364084

​Office hours

Sunday-Thursday, 8:00-16: 00
And 24/7 availability


At management building No 62, on the first floor.

Emergency preparedness

Emergency in charge: Prop. Gilbert Sebbag

Soroka Medical Center staff has gained professional experience and extensive knowledge of emergency management


  • Emergency in charge:

    Prop.Gilbert Sabag
  • Emergency scenarios in charge:

    Mrs.Nurit Vaknin
  • Director of multy casualty events:

    Prop. Moti Klein


  • Making sure that the hospital is ready to cope with all emergency situations at any time
  • Establishing contacts with aid organizations and construction of collaborative working procedures
  • Prepare the hospital staff  to deal with emergency situations
  • Ensuring that hospital sites are ready for emergency situations
  • Ensurung that essential equipment is ready and fit for action in emergency situations.

For information and professional consultation,
please contact us by Email: anatgonen@CLALIT.org.il.