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News - Year 2017

An Israeli record of transplants around the clock

In Beilinson: An Israeli record of transplants around the clock

7 people recived their "lives back" in just 24 hours!
Dr. Eran Halpern, Hospital Director: "I am not aware of such a large number of urgent transplants with such intensiveness in any other hospital in the world"

The transplanted organs:
1 Heart
2   lungs
One lung
2   livers
A kidney
A kidney + pancreas

The transplant teams worked nonstop around the clock
An Israeli record in the field of organ transplants in Israel - 7 people received their "lives back" in a dramatic 24-hour transplant marathon conducted in the operating rooms at Beilinson hospital:
The heart transplantee is a 49-year-old man who suffered from severe heart failure. One lung transplantee is a 62-year-old man who suffered from lung failure due to obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Two lungs were transplanted in a 59-year-old man suffering from fibrosis. Two livers were transplanted in men with cirrhosis of the liver - a 70-year-old who had hepatitis B, and a 64-year-old who suffered from fatty liver. One kidney was transplanted in a 44-year-old man who suffered from renal failure and another kidney was transplanted with a pancreas in a 43-year-old woman who needed a transplant due to juvenile onset diabetes.

Photo: Dr. Milton Souta, director of the pulmonary surgery department at Beilinson, and the lung transplantee Victor Zohar

Victor Zohar (the lungs recipt in the photo):
"I would like to thank god and the family who donated the lungs for me and gave me a new life. I'll be happy to meet them - I feel like I'm their continuation."

Dr. Eran Halpern, head of Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson and Hasharon hospitals): "This is the Israeli record of life-saving through organ transplants. I do not know of any similar case anywhere in the world. Seven transplants during one day can only be carried out only at a national transplant center like Beilinson, with highly trained and experienced transplant and operating room teams, who spend endless nights in the hospital, in order to save lives."

Prof. Dan Aravot, Director of the Beilinson Cardiothoracic Surgery Center: "Despite the exhausting work around the clock, there is nothing like the privilege of saving lives. When I chose this field of heart and lung transplants, I knew that this mission would lead me to complete and total dedication to work around the clock, on Shabbat and during holidays. The moment that  I see the heart start beating after transplant or the lungs becoming pink and vital, makes worth all these hours, sleepless nights, and all the effort spent and prices paid on the way, very worth while".

Prof. Eitan Mor, director of the Beilinson Transplant Department: "This is without a doubt the culmination of my career and I feel proud for establishing a highly skilled team that was able to carri out such a complex campaign that included two liver transplants, a pancreas-kidney transplant and two kidney transplants in one day."

In the photo: Dr. Michael Gurevich, a senior physician in the Beilinson Transplant Department and a kidney transplantee

Nizan Hen (the kidney transplantee in the photo):
"Yesterday, on my wife Dalia's birthday, I received a phone call from Beilinson informing me that a  suitable kidney was found. This came like an omen from heaven! I've been doing dialysis for 13 years while waiting for a transplant.
Now I can celebrate life with my family, go abroad and have fun."