Live broadcast of innovative and complex procedures

Live broadcast of innovative and complex procedures

Innovative and complex procedures to be broadcast live today from Soroka's Catheterization Room to the ICI cardiology conference  

10 January 2018  


Yesterday was the first day of the annual three-day cardiology conference, ICI Meeting 2017 – Innovations in Cardiovascular Systems, with the participation of cardiology professionals from Israel and worldwide. It is a prestigious international conference held each year that is dedicated to interventional cardiology, particularly catheterizations.
The objective of the conference is to provide participants with knowledge, current information and practical tools that will serve them in their work.

Today, the staff of Soroka Medical Center's Cardiology Division, headed by Dr. Doron Zahger, will broadcast complex and innovative procedures lives from the hospital’s Heart Catheterization Room. The Heart Catheterization Laboratory contains all of the most modern technologies in innovative cardiology and makes it possible to perform medical procedures under optimal conditions. The system in the catheterization room enables a wide range of possibilities for quality visualization with a lower level of radiation.

As part of the conference, three complex and innovative procedures will be broadcast live:

  • Percutaneous transcatheter implantation of an aortic valve. The aortic valve is located between the left ventrical and the aorta. It opens during systole to allow blood to flow forward towards the body and closes during diastole, preventing blood from returning to the left ventricle. Like with all valve diseases, in the case of the aortic valve, there are conditions that lead to stenosis or leaky valves, or sometimes even two conditions together. In this innovative procedure, an innovative prosthesis with a special implantation mechanism compared to others, enables very good hemodynamic stability in complex patients.
  • Implantation of the innovative device in the main heart vein in order to improve the coronary blood flow and ease the symptoms of patients suffering from serious angina pectoris, which is not suitable for treatment through surgery or standard catheterization. Up until now, this procedure was only performed in very rare cases.
  • A highly complex coronary catheterization in a 91-year-old patient suffering from serious coronary disease, significant decline in heart function and stenosis of the coronary arteries.  The coronary arteries deliver blood to the myocardium, to its conduction system and to additional components of the heart. Due to the high risk involved in the procedure, the catheterization is performed with the protection of an assistive pump that protects the heart during the procedure, which enables hemodynamic stability throughout the procedure. To date, very few procedures using this pump have been performed in Israel.

The procedures will be performed by senior physicians in the Cardiology Division: Dr. Carlos Cafri, Director of the Catheterization Unit at Soroka, Dr. Edward Koifman, Dr. Miri Merkin and Dr. Jean Marc Weinstein.

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