Unique program for children - 5.7.16

Unique program for children on the autism spectrum

Soroka operates a unique program for children on the autism spectrum from Reim School 

Soroka Medical Center   
05 July 2016  

The program peaked with an exciting end-of-year party with the staff of Maternity Department B and a meeting with the Mayor of Beer Sheva to express appreciation

Be'er Sheva Mayor Rubik Danilovich, the maternity ward staff and children  A special program has been in place in recent years in Maternity Department B at Soroka. The department staff, headed by Prof. Eyal Sheiner and Monique Atias, welcomed children on the autism spectrum from Reim School in Beer Sheva, and guide them in enrichment activity in the department.
This is the first time these children have been given the opportunity to contribute to the community.
In the project, a class from Reim School (a special education school) comes to the department once a week to volunteer. As part of their volunteer work, they help the department staff: they fold the babies' laundry, prepare kits for the new mothers and kits for the babies, and distribute them to the new mothers in the department. In addition, they listen to lectures by the staff on a variety of topics such as proper nutrition, dental hygiene, safety, etc.
The project was started by Prof. Eyal Sheiner, Director of Maternity Department B, together with the principal of Reim School, Sigal Mizrahi. They run it together with members of the educational staff, Etti Altman Shemesh and Meital Shalev.

The mother of one of the children participating in the program said, "I'm grateful for Soroka Hospital's significant contribution to us, the parents and to the children in special education. You have made us aware of the hospital as an organization that gives and contributes to the community. In one of the activities, I watched while my child was involved in the project and I was enchanted. I was moved by the cooperation of the staff. We were welcomed to the department with love and with joy."

An emotional party was held on the last meeting, during which the children from Reim gave the department staff a book they made with their experiences from a great year as a token of appreciation for the special project run at Soroka over the past school year.

Beer-Sheva Mayor Ruvik Danilovich invited the children from Reim School and the department staff to a highly moving meeting held last week. The department staff, school faculty along with the students and parents, Hefzi Zohar Deputy Mayor and other guests were in attendance to show their appreciation.

Beer-Sheva Mayor Ruvik Danilovich said, "I'm proud to be the mayor of a city where such special people live, people who take responsibility for our society. Everything starts and ends with people who believe that they can do things differently, in a way that will inspire, and this joint project between Reim School and Soroka is one such example."

Prof. Eyal Sheiner said, "It is such a heart-warming project.  It's incredible to see the contribution of these lovely children, who come to the department each week filled with energy and who feel at home here. For us, this project gives the children the opportunity to be part of society, and the department came together to support an important goal: giving."


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