Summary of a nurse interview

Summary of a nurse interview

Summary of interview and moving personal story of a nurse. 

Soroka Medical Center   
10 August 2016  

Anastasia Blabat, who received a stipend and now works in the operating room of the Recovery Unit.

She is a single mother with two children, who lives in Sderot, near Gaza. She suffers constantly from stress about the security situation, made worse by rockets hitting the town from time to time... The security-related stress exists even today.

She works full time at the Soroka Medical Center. Before receiving the stipend, she was deliberating whether to stay at Soroka or not. Although her job is very interesting, it demands long work hours, far from home and away from the children. Travel time from Sderot to Soroka and back (a commute of at least 90 minutes every day) was also a factor, though she was very satisfied with the job itself.

She was thinking about leaving to work at a clinic in the community close to home... The stipend and rental assistance from the Ness Fund allowed her to listen to her heart - to stop deliberating and stay at her job at Soroka - a place she loves and in a position that challenges her.

She hired a woman to look after her children, so that she could be calm knowing that they were being cared for... The stipend covered her rent and made her happy in her job, which she finds so interesting. She hasn't stopped thanking us for the scholarship, which has helped her beyond words.
 Everyone who received a rent stipend and scholarship has remained on the job at Soroka.
 We conducted satisfaction surveys with scholarship recipients: 

  •  Satisfaction from the work
  • Satisfaction with the scholarship
  • Their motivation to continue to work at Soroka
  •  And their sense of belonging at Soroka and living in the Negev

All of the results found a very high level of satisfaction.
 In all of the interviews we conducted, we found only one applicant who met the criteria for graduate studies (Master's), and we therefore decided to award a scholarship of $5,000.
We divided the rest of the amount between three applicants who were found suitable for rental stipend - each stipend is $2,500.


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