Dr. Ruth Graf

Dr. Ruth Graf, World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon from Brazil Participated in Special Plastic Surgeries at Soroka

The Israeli Society of Plastic Surgeons invited Dr. Ruth Graf of Brazil to lecture at its 37th Annual Meeting and present her special techniques for facial and breast surgery 


Dr. Ofer Arnon, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon in Soroka's Plastic Surgery Department was in contact with her when he was in Brazil last year to study Dr. Graf's techniques

Dr.Graf participating in a plastic surgery at SorokaSoroka Plastic Surgery Department surgeons performed two different operations together with Dr. Graf on two different women:

The modern surgical procedures referred to as a "facelift" are intended to restore vitality and a youthful natural appearance. The surgery involves re-draping the sub-dermal tissue in a vertical vector and not to the rear. The surgery strives to restore the correct angle between the neck and the chin, emphasizing the angle of the jaw, and eliminating skin droop common to old age. The sub-dermal tissue is immobilized in places where rejuvenation is necessary, such as around the cheekbones. Fat injections are made in thin areas such as the lips and deep expression wrinkles. The surgery leaves a "short" scar behind the earlobes that does not reach the scalp so even when the hair is gathered up, the scar is not visible. The center of the face is approached separately and lifted via an incision in the lower eyelid. The brows are lifted in a precise moderate fashion using an endoscopic procedure that raises them through minute incisions hidden in the hairline.

Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation surgery is carried out by inserting silicone gel implants under the tissue of the existing breast, or in slim women, under the chest muscles. The surgeon tailors this placement to each woman individually. Dr. Ruth Graf is internationally famous for the breast augmentation method she developed, implementing it underneath the muscle fascia. The advantage of this location is that it offers excellent coverage for the implant, without breast movement when the pectoral muscles are activated. It can be carried out when the silicone implant is introduced through an  incision in the underarm, around the areola or in the under-fold of the breast.

Dr. Ofer Arnon, Senior Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon in Soroka's Plastic Surgery Department:  "I am pleased that we were able to take full advantage of Dr. Graf's visit to Israel. It was a pleasure to learn from her lectures at the Annual Conference of the Israeli Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as to operate alongside her at Soroka Hospital. The surgeries performed using her methods were successful".

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