Summary of year 2016 at Soroka

The Year in Review: 2016 at Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center is a leading hospital that provides exceptionally high quality medical care, while putting the patient and patient needs at the focus of its work. 

Soroka Medical Center   
29 December 2016  

 Soroka also serves as an outstanding example of medical education and research.

This year Soroka Medical Center continued its far-reaching work:
approximately 6,570,000 people passed through the hospital's doors, over 16,500 babies were born at the Saban Birth and Maternity Center, 33,000 surgical procedures were performed, 750,000 visits to the outpatient clinics and institutes, 235,000 Emergency Room visits, and hundreds of landings at the hospital's helipad.

The life of a woman giving birth was saved through complex surgery; the life of a 56-year-old woman with serious cerebral venous thrombosis was saved after undergoing life-saving brain surgery; surgery using an innovative technique to reconstruct an ear lobe using a ready-made implant was performed; the most advanced device in Israel was used to perform brain catheterization; Maternity Department E and the Endoscopy Department were opened.  A study conducted at Soroka showed that sleep apnea, which is known to cause snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness and even headaches, is also a risk factor for stroke.  All of this and more in a summary of our activity in 2016.

Dr. Ehud Davidson, Director of Soroka Medical Center: "This year we continued to invest resources in development and construction, and new services. We introduced innovative technologies to perform advanced medical procedures. Quality medicine, with special attention to service, is the heart and soul of our work. We strive to continue to work on special projects that combine quality and service, in order to improve patient satisfaction. We do so through our most important resource, our staff of over 4,000 employees.  Soroka Medical Center, a standard-bearer of quality medicine in southern Israel, will continue to bridge the existing gaps in health care between the periphery and center of the country. The plan we developed to address the gaps in the short and long term was presented to the Ministry of Health. Whatever we are capable of doing ourselves, we do; however we also ask that the government allocate Soroka the required resources."

Some of the many events, achievements,and milestones at Soroka in 2016

Construction, technologies, procedures, and new services
• Soroka experts in vascular surgery and imaging closed an internal leak in an abdominal aortic aneurysm using an innovative technique. 
• The one-year anniversary of the opening of the the first Rehabilitation Department in southern Israel was marked. Since opening, the department has successfully treated hundreds of patients, who have undergone rehabilitation following conditions such as strokes and orthopedic injuries. 
• A new and unique service at Soroka was introduced - text messages to patients while they are being treated in ER.
• A new and advanced mobile CT scanner was introduced this year in the Intensive Care Unit and in the operating rooms.
• Innovative surgery to repair rib fractures was performed in the Orthopedics Department in conjunction with the Thoracic Surgery Unit.
• Brain surgery performed at Soroka was broadcast live in the Knesset at a special meeting to strengthen Soroka. It was initiated by Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, MK Meir Cohen. Minister of Health Yakov Litzman, Knesset members, Clalit CEO Eli Defes and Dr. Ehud Davidson, Director of Soroka Medical Center, also participated.
• A new maternity department, the fifth, was opened at the Saban Birth and Maternity Center.
• The new Endoscopy Department was opened at Soroka's Gastroenterology Institute. The new department makes it possible for us to provide service under the most advanced conditions to residents of the Negev.
• A new mobile-friendly website, accessible to visually impaired individuals was launched.
• For the first time in Israel, Soroka Medical Center launched an innovative application, including orientation maps and navigation at the hospital, a digital phone book that makes it possible to call the various departments using short dialing codes, educational videos and preparation for surgery, Soroka news - lifesaving stories, research and events.
• A new biplanar neuroangiography suite for catheterizations of the brain and spine.  This suite is one of the most advanced in the world and is equipped with a bi-plane imaging device.
• A new and advanced linear accelerator for the treatment of oncology patients was implemented.
• Facebook Live Soroka - "A rare view into the human brain" - a special day of broadcasts about the brain on the Clalit Facebook page.

Appointments at Soroka in 2016 
• Prof. Eitan Lunenfeld - Chairman, Obstetrics and Gynecology Division
• Dr. Osnat Walfish - Director, Maternity E
• Dr. Alexander Zlotnik - Director,  Anesthesiology Department
• Prof. David Greenberg - Chairman, Pediatric Medicine Division
• Prof. Doron Zahger - Director, Cardiology Division
• Dr. Dragan Kravarusic - Director, Pediatric Surgery Department
• Dr. Dan Schwarzfuchs - Director, Lifesaving Division and Internal Medicine and Ambulatory ER
• Dr. Hagit Flusser - Director, Child Development Institute
• Prof. Tali Zilberstein - Director, Gynecology OR and Outpatient Hospitalization Unit
• Prof. Eugene Leibovitz - Director, Pediatric and Adolescent Morbidity Research Unit
• Dr. Yanai Krutman - Head Physicist, Radiotherapy Institute
• Dr. Yvgeny Shneider - Director, Urgent Care Department
• Dr. Jacob Dreiher - Deputy Director, Soroka Medical Center
• Dr. Lior Zeller - Director, Internal Medicine C Department
• Dr. Michal Maimon - Director, Pediatric Emergency Room
• Dr. Merav Cohen Lahav - Director, Laboratory Division
• Dr. Nassim Alkrinawi - Director, Sports Medicine Service
• Dr. Nissim Ohana - Director, Orthopedics Department
• Dr. Amit Frenkel - Director, Location and Management of At-Risk Patients Unit
• Prof. Reli Hershkovitz - Chairperson, Helsinki Committee
• Dr. Shlomo Blum - Director, Orthopedic ER Service
• Tzachi Taub - Director, Logistics Division
• Yael Dvori - Director of Nursing, Oncology Department
• Osnat Goshen - Director of Nursing, Maternity E
• David Shoshan - Head Radiologist (including radiotherapy)
• Aviva Zander - Nurse Manager, Pediatrics A
• Elena Nalaiveko - Nurse Manager, Internal Medicine D

A selection of the research conducted this year at Soroka
• First objective study to investigate the most effective and safe means of performing tonsillectomy in children.
• Are neonatal outcomes of girls better than boys? A study that found that pregnancies carrying girls are associated with better immediate outcomes than with boys.
• A correlation was found between stress attributed to fighting in Gaza and blood sugar levels in residents of southern Israel.
• A comprehensive study describing the characteristics of cannabis patients in Israel was performed at the Soroka Clinical Research Center. 
• Sleep apnea, which is known to cause snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness and even headaches, is also a risk factor for stroke.
• A link was established between air pollution and changes in blood sugar and lipid levels, with a more significant risk among diabetes patients.
• Direct correlation between gestational diabetes and long-term neurological morbidity in newborns.
• Fertility treatments do not increase the long-term risk of cardiovascular morbidity in mothers. 
• New study that demonstrated the correlation between the achievements of long-distance runners and their pain threshold and ability to tolerate pain. 
• Education for children for  MRI tests, including a preliminary scan in a simulator, reduces the need for anesthesia during the test and reduces anxiety levels.

Some of the many medical and human stories at Soroka in 2016
• A resident of Beer Sheva was diagnosed with placenta accreta in Week 30 of pregnancy. A multidisciplinary team of surgeons from obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, oncological gynecology, vascular surgery, urology and invasive radiology saved her life through emergency surgery.
• Surgery through an innovative technique for earlobe reconstruction was performed using a ready-made implant on a 17-year-old boy, from southern Israel, who was born without an earlobe.
• Doctors in the Emergency Room removed a battery from the throat of a two-year-old, who was brought to Soroka after suffering from a lack of appetite and a nagging cough for one month.
• Life-saving intracranial catheterization performed at Soroka on a 23-year-old woman who suffered from serious obstruction of the cerebral veins.
• Appendix surgery on a premature baby weighing 1,200 grams was performed at Soroka Medical Center. 
• The life of a 56-year-old woman with serious cerebral venous thrombosis was saved after undergoing a rare form of catheterization at Soroka.

Conferences and study days
• Over 50 experts in the field of brain research from Soroka University Medical Center and the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University met with the purpose of establishing and promoting infrastructure for a study center and work group in the field of brain morbidity.
• A study day dedicated to the future of fertility in boys with a malignant disease that requires aggressive chemotherapy - "From the Lab to the Patient's Bed."
• Research and treatment of recurrent miscarriages is on the global agenda - Prof. Asher Bashiri, Director of Maternity C and the Recurrent Miscarriage Service at Soroka, is leading this subject at international conferences. 
• A study day marking World Parkinson's Awareness Day was held at the Movement Disorder Clinic.
• A Pregnancy and Childbirth Conference was held at the Saban Birth and Maternity Center at Soroka, with over 400 women and their partners participating. 
• The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic at Soroka is the leader in dentistry in southern Israel. At a conference held at Soroka, its experts presented innovations in oral and maxillofacial surgery.
• Leading international breast cancer researchers participated in a study day held by Soroka Medical Center, Clalit and the Israel Health Services Fund, dedicated to the question: Should the general public undergo routine testing to discover genetic tendency towards breast cancer?
• A morning of health with Soroka specialists on prevention and treatments at the Osteoporosis Department.
• At a special international workshop, which was the first of its kind, was held in conjunction with experts in the field of healthcare and cybersecurity. They discussed the risks involved in exposure of lifesaving medical devices to cyber attacks and manipulation by hackers. They further discussed ways to prevent them at Soroka Medical Center. 

Serving the residents of the Negev
• 200 small business owners came to Soroka for the first purchasing conference of its kind in Israel. At the conference, the suppliers were provided with the requirements and criteria for approving suppliers at Soroka Hospital. An open and professional discussion with the suppliers was also held.
• Prof. Ruth Shako Levi - Director of the Pathology Institute at Soroka Medical Center was selected as the chairperson of the Israel Pathologists Association.
• The NICU and Neonatal Department at Soroka Medical Center were selected as 2016 Clalit Centers of Excellence.
• Over the course of the year, five special days were held for children hospitalized at the Saban Pediatric Center at Soroka: the Israeli Science Day, Opening of the School Year, Tu Bi'shvat, Book Week and Hanukkah.

And some more data about Soroka in 2016
• 6,570,000 passed through the hospital's doors
• 235,000 referrals to the Emergency Rooms
• 750,000 visits to the outpatient clinics and institutes
• 33,000 surgical procedures
• Over 16,500 babies were born, including 316 sets of twins and 10 sets of triplets
• 12,452,408 laboratory tests were performed

Soroka Medical Center wishes all residents of the Negev
good health, calm and security!


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