JCI Accreditation

JCI Accreditation: Certificate of Quality

In 2008, Soroka received the prestigious accreditation of the Joint Commission International

JCI is the international arm of the American organization that has been active for over 75 years in the advancement and improvement of the safety and quality of care of patients in health organizations in the U.S.

Soroka University Medical Center was among the first three Clalit Health Services hospitals in Israel to receive the prestigious Certificate of Quality approval from the JCI (Joint Commission International), which confirms that all the medical activity in the hospital is carried out in a safe and coordinated manner and on the basis of the most up-to-date medical guidelines and knowledge available.

The process of quality accreditation began in 2006, and tens of millions of shekels were invested in it. Soroka was examined during a long and complex process and passed the highest medical and safety standards in the world.
With receipt of the accreditation, Israel for the first time joined the West in terms of medical and safety standards of leading hospitals.

Once every three years the Joint Commission International (JCI)  examines 13 different aspects of the hospital's operation, including among others:
Rights of the patients and their families, accessibility to treatment and continued treatment, drug treatment management, anesthesiology and surgery, infection prevention and control.
The inspection is based on compliance with more than 1,300 international standards in these areas and encompasses all the hospital units.

In May 2015,  Soroka Medical Center passed the exacting inspection of the JCI with flying colors for the third time and was [again] awarded its Certificate of Accreditation.

Some benefits to patients resulting from the implementation of the accreditation program:

  • Nursing and administrative staff increased surveys of environmental pollution; as a result cleaning and sterilization was more strictly implemented
  • Over 50 new resuscitation trolleys with uniform standards were purchased and positioned in all hospital departments
  • Increased supervision of the pharmacy over medication management in the departments led to improved cooperation with the clinical staff
  • Information for patients was printed in a number of languages for non-Hebrew speakers, increasing patient cooperation and improving quality of care.

The following link is provided to report a patient safety or quality of care concern to JCI:


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