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A study investigating the effect of medical cannabis on the elderly found that 94% of patients over the age of 65 treated with medical cannabis reported improvement in their general condition

- 06/03/2018
A study investigating the effect of medical cannabis on the elderly found that 94% of patients over the age of 65 treated with medical cannabis reported improvement in their general condition

Soroka University Medical Center Continues to Lead and Wraps up 2017

- 09/01/2018

Approximately 6,900,000 people came through the hospital this year; close to 30,000 surgical procedures were performed; about 17,000 babies were born at the Saban Maternity Center

World’s finest technologies and devices in Soroka

- 09/01/2018

Da Vinci surgical robot, biplane neuroangiography room for brain catheterizations, a new linear accelerator and an advanced cardiac catheterization laboratory - are some of the world’s finest technologies and devices that Soroka Medical Center has purchased over the past year, investing tens of millions of shekels

At Soroka: An emotional meeting between the first altruistic kidney donor, a nurse, and the woman who received the gift of life from her

- 01/01/2018

There are very few events that can be defined as a noble acts, a kidney donation to a stranger is clearly one of them.

Two young brothers underwent life-saving surgery at Soroka following an aortic rupture

Soroka Medical Center - 04/09/2017

Prof. Gideon Sahar, Director of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, “The two brothers were brought to Soroka due to an aortic rupture, a life-threatening condition. It's important for families with histories of aortic aneurysms to undergo tests to identify family members at higher risk.”

Researchers from Soroka Medical Center and Ben-Gurion University find that obesity and diabetes are related to week of birth.

- 01/08/2017

Dr. Asnat Walfisch, Director of Maternity E at Soroka, “The best time for birth is between Week 39-41, as there is the least risk of morbidity, both in the long and short term. Clearly, if there is a medical indication for early-term delivery, such as pre-eclampsia or bleeding, we will need to induce.”

Life-saving surgery to remove a tumor and a rare surgical procedure to replace inferior vena cava were performed at Soroka

- 26/07/2017

Sergei Yosefa of Be’er-Sheva, an oncology patient who suffered from a very large metastatic tumor in the abdominal cavity, underwent complex surgery to remove the tumor, which had penetrated the renal veins and the inferior vena cava.

“Soroka Medical Center sets an example and is a model for emergency preparedness at hospitals in general and specifically for earthquakes”

Soroka Medical Center - 25/07/2017

That, in short, was what the directors of the earthquake simulation drill held last weekend at Soroka had to say

Knesset Member and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Meir Cohen, together with the heads of municipalities in the Negev presented an honor to Prof. Ehud Davidson, Director of Soroka Hospital

Soroka Medical Center - 10/07/2017

For the impressive achievement of being the leading hospital in Israel, after the average scores on national quality indicators, published by the Ministry of Health, were weighed.

The Ministry of Health set national quality indicators for medical care at Israeli hospitals: Soroka Medical Center complies with all of the quality indicators and, after weighting - it is the leader.

Soroka Medical Center - 25/06/2017

Prof. Ehud Davidson, Director of Soroka: "This incredible achievement brings our excellence in the field of quality in recent years to a new high, and it has turned Soroka's leadership strategy into reality. This achievement belongs to the hospital's employees, and it is the result of dedication, caring, professionalism and devotion to our patients."

Did your mother or aunt have a preterm delivery? If so, you are also at risk of preterm delivery...

Soroka Medical Center - 26/03/2017

A new study from the Obstetrics and Gynecology Division at Soroka and Ben-Gurion University found that a family history of preterm deliveries, both for a mother or her sisters, is a risk factor for preterm delivery

Prof. Eyal Sheiner

For the first time in Israel, a special treatment for tinnitus through brain catheterization was performed at Soroka

Soroka Medical Center - 21/02/2017

Dr. Anat Horev, brain catheterization specialist at Soroka said, "A patient, in her twenties, had an MRI that made us suspect a rare reason for tinnitus."

Angio room

Minister of Health Rabbi Yakov Litzman visited Soroka with MK Meir Cohen and Clalit CEO Eli Defes

Soroka Medical Center - 21/02/2017

Minister of Health Yakov Litzman: "Given the extended wait for appointments, I will hold a meeting in the Ministry to discuss allocating additional resources to Soroka."

Prof. Doron Zahger, Cardiology Division Director at Soroka - President Elect of the Israel Heart Society

Soroka Medical Center - 20/02/2017

Prof. Doron Zahger, Director of the Cardiology Division of Soroka University Medical Center and Deputy Dean for Academic Promotions, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, was elected as the next president of the Israel Heart Society

Prof. Zahger

ER (Emergency Room) and Cardiology Division doctors at Soroka, save the life of Alex Frishman - the long-time phsyical therapist of Hapoel Beer Sheva

Soroka Medical Center - 14/02/2017

Dr. Lior Zeller, Director of Internal Medicine C at Soroka and The team doctor for Hapoel Beer Sheva, who was involved in saving Alex's life said, "I've seen hundreds of events like these and even more difficult cases, but it's impossible to describe what you feel when treating someone you know well"

For the first time - Ministry of Health reveals sepsis rates in ICUs at Israeli hospitals.

Soroka Medical Center - 29/01/2017

Soroka Medical Center scores best among Israel's large hospitals

"Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world"

Soroka Medical Center - 02/01/2017

An emotional meeting between the first altruistic kidney donor at Soroka and the woman to whom he gave the gift of life.

Soroka Medical Center is a leading hospital that provides exceptionally high quality medical care, while putting the patient and patient needs at the focus of its work.

Soroka Medical Center - 29/12/2016

Soroka also serves as an outstanding example of medical education and research.

Soroka LIVE on the Clalit Facebook page – a rare look inside the human brain

Soroka Medical Center - 20/12/2016

Hundreds of thousands of views on the special all-day broadcast over Facebook - no editing, no filters and no censoring

Innovations in oral and maxillofacial surgery presented by experts from Sorka at a conference held at the medical center

Soroka Medical Center - 04/12/2016

The first conference of this type was held last week at Soroka for all dentists in southern Israel.

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Unit staff

Each year, close to 15,000 advanced endoscopic procedures are performed on patients from the entire Negev at Soroka's Gastroenterology Institute, one of the largest in Israel

Soroka Medical Center - 23/08/2016

The new Endoscopy Center, made possible through the generosity of the Mizrahi family from Italy, was opened as part of Soroka's Gastroenterology Institute

The ceremony

Twelve-year-old Rebecca Sack of New York Donates Her Bat Mitzvah Gifts for the Purchase of a Device for Soroka’s Ophthalmological Operating Room

Soroka Medical Center - 16/08/2016

Rebecca recently decided to donate her gifts through the United Jewish Appeal of New York’s “Give a Mitzvah—Do a Mitzvah” program

Summary of interview and moving personal story of a nurse.

Soroka Medical Center - 10/08/2016

Anastasia Blabat, who received a stipend and now works in the operating room of the Recovery Unit.

Soroka operates a unique program for children on the autism spectrum from Reim School

Soroka Medical Center - 05/07/2016

The program peaked with an exciting end-of-year party with the staff of Maternity Department B and a meeting with the Mayor of Beer Sheva to express appreciation

Be'er Sheva Mayor Rubik Danilovich, the maternity ward staff and children

Soroka Medical Center Gets High Marks in the Ministry of Health's National Quality Indicators Report

Soroka Medical Center - 29/06/2016

One of the important indicators in treatment of stroke patients is the timing of brain imaging used to diagnose the type of stroke and provide appropriate treatment - the time to performance of this exam at Soroka is 32 minutes, while the national average is 55 minutes

Dr. Iuly Treger, Director of the Rehabilitation Department at Soroka, was awarded a prestigious prize by the Ministry of Health and the Russian Association of Rehabilitation

Soroka Medical Center - 27/06/2016

Dr. Treger said, "I'm delighted to have won this award, which positions Soroka's Rehabilitation Department as a leader in the field."

Teddy Bear Hospital project is designed to alleviate children's anxieties surrounding medical care in hospital environments

Soroka Medical Center - 21/06/2016

The Teddy Bear Hospital project, which is designed to alleviate children's anxieties regarding medical care in hospital environments, has been active at Soroka since 2000, with approximately 300 preschoolers from Beer Sheva participating every year

Are neonatal outcomes of girls better than boys?

Soroka Medical Center - 13/06/2016

A new study from Soroka Hospital found that pregnancies carrying girls are associated with better immediate outcomes than with boys

A study conducted at Soroka revealed a link between stress attributed to fighting in Gaza and blood sugar levels in residents of southern Israel

Soroka Medical Center - 06/06/2016

Prof. Victor Novack, Head of Soroka Clinical Research Center, said, "The study results demonstrate a significant increase in blood sugar levels during operations in Gaza as compared to in times of calm."

NIS 3.4 million was raised at the annual Friends of Soroka Medical Center fundraiser for the establishment of a rehabilitation center in the Negev

Soroka Medical Center - 24/05/2016

ICL donated NIS 1 million of the NIS 1.7 million raised. The CEO of Clalit announced that they would match the amount, bringing the total to NIS 3.4 million

Do you snore? You're at risk of a stroke

Soroka Medical Center - 24/05/2016

A study conducted by researchers at Soroka found that 86% of the subjects who had strokes also suffered from sleep apnea.

Life-saving intracranial catheterization performed at Soroka on 23-year-old woman with serious obstruction of the cerebral veins

Soroka Medical Center - 18/04/2016

Dr. Anat Horev, Director of the Stroke and Intracranial Catheterization Unit at Soroka, said, "Had the intracranial catheterization not been performed and the blood clots not removed, the young woman wouldn't have survived."

Dr. Abed Abu Quidar, senior physician in the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Department at Soroka and Chaya Hirshberg, a nurse in the department, win the Danielle Prize in memory of Danielle Sonnenfelt, z"l

Soroka Medical Center - 05/04/2016

They were awarded the prize at a moving ceremony at the Residence of the President of the State of Israel, Reuven Rivlin.

"1 out of every 100 people deals with epilepsy"', "Over 70,000 people with epilepsy live in Israel", "50% of the children diagnosed with epilepsy will recover within several years"

Soroka Medical Center - 28/03/2016

A service of video EEG for children was recently started at Soroka as part of the establishment of the Brain Center. About these and more, as we mark International Epilepsy Awareness Week

Innovative surgical technique use to reconstruct earlobe at Soroka

Soroka Medical Center - 23/03/2016

Soroka's plastic surgery experts recently performed an innovative surgery to reconstruct the earlobe using a pre-made implant in a 17-year-old resident of southern Israel, who was born without an earlobe.

Women lead the way at Soroka - doctors, managers and life savers. Special photography project in honor of International Women's Day

Soroka Medical Center - 08/03/2016

Women who are directors of departments, units and institutes at Soroka share their managerial challenges. Each one of them, leaders in their fields, saves lives every hour of every day. We photographed some of them in their work environment. Each of these women shared a precept that guides her in her work with staff and patients.

Pregnancy, early detection method? Direct link between recurring miscarriages and appearance of cancer later in life that was the finding of a new study

Soroka Medical Center - 16/02/2016

The study conducted at Soroka Medical Center and was recently presented at the SMFM Pregnancy Meeting in Atlanta, USA

MK Meir Cohen (Yesh Atid), toured Soroka hospital last Sunday

Soroka Medical Center - 09/02/2016

MK Meir Cohen: "The high birth rate in the Negev and the IDF's move to the Negev will increase the demand for the hospital's services in the coming years. The government must pull together and implement its decision to expand the hospital."

The life of a 56-year-old woman with serious cerebral venous thrombosis was saved after undergoing a rare form of catheterization at Soroka

Soroka Medical Center - 08/02/2016

Dr. Anat Horev, Director of the Interventional Neurology Unit at Soroka, who performed the catheterization, "This is an extraordinarily complex procedure that is performed in rare life-threatening cases."

"How do you come prepared for childbirth?"; "Sleep to the age of one year"; "Proper pregnancy follow-up - when can you determine the age of the fetus by ultrasound?"

Soroka Medical Center - 08/02/2016

All of this and more at the Pregnancy and Childbirth Conference held at Soroka's Saban Birth and Maternity Center with over 400 women and their partners in attendance

Dozens of would-be "wounded" were evacuated to Soroka during a large-scale toxicological exercise

Soroka Medical Center - 13/01/2016

The exercises was presented to the participants of the Fourth International Conference on Healthcare System Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters (IPRED 4), held in Israel, with hundreds of professionals from 30 countries worldwide

The lives of a woman with placenta accreta and her baby were saved through complex surgery that included uterine artery embolization

Soroka Medical Center - 04/01/2016

Prof. Eyal Sheiner, Director of Maternity D Department at Soroka: "With the help of a multidisciplinary team made up of gynecologists, urologists, an invasive radiologist, anesthesiologists and the NICU staff, we were able to perform successful surgery on the woman."

Woman and medical staff

Inauguration Ceremony of the New Wing of the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic at Soroka Medical Center Made possible by the help of the Breslauer Foundation from the United States

Soroka Medical Center - 28/12/2015

Prof. Daniel Kaplan, Director of the Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Department: "The new clinic with its spacious rooms and the addition of new advanced equipment enables us to provide the best medical treatment to our patients and better instruction to our medical residents and students".

Soroka University Medical Center leads in providing exceptionally high quality care with the patients' needs taking center stage, while making exemplary strides in education and medical research

Soroka Medical Center - 27/12/2015

Soroka has continued its wide array of activities, as can be seen in a brief glance at some of its activities and figures for the year 2015

Each year, over 1,000 stroke victims are treated in the Stroke Division at Soroka Medical Center. Many receive live-saving treatment and improve.

Soroka Medicak Center - 15/12/2015

Last week, a festive ceremony was held to mark the opening of the Stroke Unit, as part of the program to build a Brain Center at Soroka.

Cutting the ribbon at the ceremony

Drama in Delivery Room at Soroka. A rare occurrence: a woman whose heart stopped beating while undergoing a cesarean section due to a pulmonary embolism has woken up

Soroka Medical Center - 13/12/2015

She was resuscitated, connected to a heart-lung machine (ECMO) and underwent catheterization and complex heart surgery in a hybrid operating room to remove the blood clots that blocked her coronary arteries and lungs. "The odds of surviving this type of event are very low," said the specialists at Soroka

Air Pollution Raises Risk for Strokes

Soroka Medical Center - 25/11/2015

Conclusions of a new study by researchers from Soroka Medical Center in collaboration with Ben-Gurion University

The Geriatric Department underwent a facelift, thanks to a donation by the Claims Conference

Soroka Medical Center - 17/11/2015

Last week a ceremony was conducted in the presence of MK Gila Gamliel, Minister of Social Equality and Ms. Colette Avital, Member of the Board of the Claims Conference and Chair of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel

New Appointments at Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center - 26/10/2015

Dr. Anat Horev, Director of the Invasive Brain Intervention Unit Dr. Eliahu Levitas, Director of the In-Vitro Fertilization Unit Dr. Vered Pinsk, Director of the Pediatric Day Care Unit

Dr. Revital Levy-Hevroni, Deputy Director of Soroka Medical Center Selected for the Opening Course of the Inbar Program: "The New Elite Forces of the Public Health System"

Soroka Medical Center - 10/10/2015

Those selected for the program will be groomed for management positions in the health system and within the next 15 years its graduates will assume most of the key positions in Israel's health system

Dr. Revital Levy-Hevroni

The First World Congress on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss to Convene in France in January 2016, Headed by Prof. Asher Bashiri, WCRPL President and Director of Maternity C Department and the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Service at Soroka University Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center - 20/09/2015

Prof. Asher Bashiri established at Soroka Medical Center one of the most unique databases in the world on women who experienced recurrent pregnancy loss

(right to left): Dr. Frank Chikli, Deputy Mayor of Cannes, and Prof. Asher Bashiri, Director of Maternity C Department at Soroka

Summer Baby Boom at Soroka

Soroka Medical Center - 07/09/2015

National Record-Breaking Number of Births at Saban Materity Center At Soroka In August - 1,539 Births

Newborns with nurses from the neonatal department at Soroka

Rabbi Elimelech Firer, recipient of the Israel Prize and founder of Ezra LeMarpeh, visited Soroka University Medical Center last week

Soroka Medical Center - 31/08/2015

He established a vast medical assistance organization serving all walks of society, acting as the 'go to' address, matching people and treatments for anyone in need of medical care

Soroka doctors performed a complex facial surgery to 10-year-old girl

Soroka Medical Center - 18/08/2015

The surgery will change her life

 Dr. Givol Navoth, Dr. Eldad Zilberstein, Dr. Eytan Bar Daroma and Hadas Paz

One Year after Operation Protective Edge, Soroka Hospital Receives New Fortified Operating Rooms

Soroka Medical Center - 21/07/2015

2 fortified operating rooms, built with the support of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), the Moskowitz Foundation, Levin Foundation, the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and the Galil, and Clalit Health Services, and at a total cost of $7 million USD, were dedicated at Soroka

Prop/ Pfizer, Rabbil Yechiel Eckstein and Gadi Yarkoni that was injured and treated at Soroka

Soroka Medical Center Excels in Complying with Health Ministry's National Quality Indexes Ranking in first or second place among large hospitals in Israel in all the performance ratings

Soroka Medical Center - 28/06/2015

Dr. Ehud Davidson, Director of Soroka Medical Center:"Soroka's staffs lead in the quality of medical care, compliance with goals indicative of proper, timely, professional medical treatment and team work".

Soroka Medical Center

At the Annual Fundraiser of the Friends of Soroka,7.2 million shekel were pledged to expand the Emergency and Trauma Units

Soroka Medical Center - 25/06/2015

Dr. Ehud Davidson, Director of Soroka University Medical Center: "We have taken upon ourselves a national mission to bridge the gaps between the center of the country and the periphery and to continue to be leaders in providing medical care. I thank all the hospital's friends for their generous donations and for their presence at this most emotionally laden event"

Soroka - The first hospital in Israel to pass the accreditation exam with honors - Certifying compliance with the highest global medical and safety standards of the AJCI, in its advanced edition, Edition 5 and as an academic medical center hospital

Soroka Medical Center - 02/06/2015

Dr. Enrico Baldantoni, head of the JCI survey team conducting the audit: "I would feel confident to be treated at Soroka. We are proud that Soroka continues to maintain its high standard of excellence as part of the JCI family"

Examiners sitting right: Joseph Skrzinski, Bernadette Tihen, Enrico Baladntoni, Ann Watkins, Penelope Ott and Soroka management

Soroka University Medical Center received a research grant from the Ministry of Environmental Protection to reduce Leishmaniasis in Israel

Soroka Medical Center - 31/05/2015

An innovative molecular method for identifying and diagnosing Leishmaniasis (commonly called "Rose of Jericho") is conducted at the Soroka Medical Center Parasitology Laboratory. The lab makes this service available throughout the country

Dr. Orly Sagy, director of the Laboratory of Parasitology at Soroka Medical Center

Doctors from Soroka Medical Center participated in the "Leadership Week in Kindergartens"

Soroka Medical Center - 21/05/2015

The project was conducted in about 100 prekindergartens and kindergartens in the city to introduce the children to people who carry out meaningful activities in our society.

פרופ' אייל שיינר, סגן מנהל המרכז הרפואי ומנהל המחלקה ליולדות ד' בסורוקה ב"שבוע מנהיגות בגנים"

A team from Soroka has been on the ground for more than two weeks helping earthquake victims as part of the IsraAID delegation to Nepal

Soroka Medical Center - 17/05/2015

Five doctors have seen about 1,000 patients to date.They have saved the lives of babies and adults, and performed surgery under suboptimal field conditions

 Dr. Asher Mozer, pediatric specialist who saved a baby, which was named after him

Soroka also treat teddy bears

Soroka Medical Center - 14/05/2015

The Teddy Bear Hospital project has been a staple at Soroka University Medical Center for the past 16 years, with about 300 Beersheva kindergarteners participating this year

Dr. Ehud Davidson, Director of Soroka Medical Center, Dr. Heiman Neuman and medical students with kindergarteners

Soroka Medical Center opened recently its own Department of Rehabilitation

Soroka Medical Center - 14/05/2015

Shlomo Reinstein, (55) from Beersheva, the first patient in the new department, discharged from the hospital after successful rehab treatment

  Dr. Treger, Mr.  Reinstein and staff

Highlights of the Year 2014 at Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center - 09/02/2015

Soroka University Medical Center, a leader in providing exceptionally high quality care, with patients' needs taking center stage and exemplary education and medical research strides, continued its wide array of activities throughout this year too

Six Employees, Four Departments and One Nationally Acclaimed Internal Medicine Department are Soroka's outstanding team members for the year 2014

Soroka Medical Center - 03/02/2015

Dr. Ehud Davidson, Director of Soroka Medical Center: "The outstanding departments and employees contribute to making Soroka a leading medical center

Soroka Medical Center's Outstanding Employees along with: Dr. Ehud Davidson, Mr. Moshe Sadeh, Ms. Leah Cohen & Ms. Gila Levy

A new sculpture in the Healing Garden at Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center - 13/01/2015

About five years ago, the Healing Garden - Sculpture Garden, was opened at Soroka. The creation of the park was made possible thanks to the generous donation from the Legacy Heritage Fund

Medical Students in the Negev, a program designed to address the shortage of physicians in the Negev

Soroka Medical Center - 11/01/2015

The Choosing Tomorrow - Choosing Soroka program was launched two years ago to address the major shortage of physicians in southern Israel within five years

Soroka opens new Movement Disorder Clinic

Soroka Medical Center - 06/01/2015

The clinic offers treatment for neurological diseases accompanied by impaired movement such as Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Tourette syndrome and tremors

Protected Surgery Rooms are currently being built in Soroka Medical Center pursuant to donations of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Soroka Medical Center - 24/08/2014

Following the visit of the President of IFCJ at Soroka, decided to grant a further donation of a mobile CT system to the medical center

Rabbi Eckstein visiting Soroka

Operation Protective Edge at Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center - 10/08/2014

Since the start of the operation: 1116 people have been treated at Soroka, 740 soldiers and 376 civilians

Evacuation of woundedsoldiers to Soroka   by military helicopter

Visit by the Minister of Health

Sroka Medical Center - 08/07/2014

Minister of Health, Member of Knesset Mrs. Yael German, visited Soroka Medical Center to see firsthand the preparedness of the hospital in light of the escalation in the security situation in the area

Unique Surgery Performed at Soroka

Soroka Medical Center - 26/03/2014

Bone Implant to Reconstruct the Cranium of a 27 Year Old Young Man

Special Evening Event for Soroka Medical Center Dialysis Patients

Soroka Medical Center - 16/03/2014

More than 200 dialysis patients and their families participated in a special evening event held at Soroka Medical Center recently

Glaucoma - "The sneak thief of sight"

Soroka Medical Center - 09/03/2014

Marking World Glaucoma Week

Nir Gilad, President and CEO of the Israel Corporation and Chair of Israel Chemicals,Appointed Chair of the Friends of Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center - 24/02/2014

Mr. Gilad: "It is a great privilege for me to serve as chair of the Friends of Soroka Association and continue the tradition of the late Sammy Ofer and Idan Ofer - may he be blessed with a long life - as partners to raising the level of health services in the Negev to new heights, focusing on education and growth in this region and matching them to that of the center of the country

Mr. Nir Gilad

Dr. Zachi Lazar, Director of the Legacy Heritage Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Soroka Medical Center will lead an international study in Israel on improving the treatment of patients with traumatic brain injuries

Soroka Medical Center - 09/02/2014

The study was awarded a five-year grant of 7.7 million dollars from the FP7 Research Foundation of the European Commission. A one million dollar budget will be allocated for coordinating the study in Israel at Soroka and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

In a Special Campaign, the Anita Kaufmann Epilepsy Education Center at Soroka Distributed Bracelets to People with Epilepsy

Soroka Medical Center - 02/02/2014

Hopefully, the bracelets will serve as an aid in times of distress

My First Bath, My First Feeding and My First Smile

Soroka Medical Center - 03/07/2013

The Soroka Medical Center Neonatal and Preemie B Department Staff document in photos and words the first days in the lives of infants up for adoption or foster care

Cover page of the albom

Rise in Sperm Quality in the Winter May Explain Seasonal Variation in the Number of Births

Soroka Medical Center - 14/03/2013

According to a study conducted at Soroka's In-Vitro Fertilization Unit and recently published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Renovated Cath Room Joins the Cardiology Division at Soroka

Soroka Medical Center - 06/02/2013

The Catheterization Unit at Soroka is one of the busiest in the country, performing some 3000 procedures annually, half for diagnostic purposes and the rest for treatment

Renovated Cath Room

Postterm Pregnancies Over 42 Weeks May Result in Complications

Soroka Medical Center - 20/01/2013

A new study conducted at Soroka Medical Center shows that postterm pregnancies (pregnancies extending beyond 42 weeks) are a risk factor for significant complications such as perinatal mortality

Highlights of the Year 2012 at Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center - 31/12/2012

15,000 births at Saban Maternity Center; Over 30,000 surgical procedures; 600 patients treated in the Trauma Unit; More than half a million medical visits to the Outpatient Clinics; 240 helicopter landings to bring the injured And Operation Pillar of Defense

Dozens of Children Who Underwent Cranial Reconstruction Surgery, Celebrated Chanukah at a Special Party with the Soroka Medical Staff

Soroka Medical Center - 12/12/2012

The occasion elicited some very moving encounters between the physicians and these children and their families

Soroka Celebrates Birthdays of its Hospitalized Patients

Soroka Medical Center - 31/10/2012

Celebrating with the hospital staff today was a victim of rockets fired from Gaza and a mom and her newborn baby

A First at Soroka Medical Center – Catheterization to Treat Hypertension

Soroka Medical Center - 14/10/2012

A 57 year old man was treated successfully by Prof. Gabriel Szendro, Head of the Vascular Surgery Department and Dr. Carlos Cafri, Director of the Catheterization Unit at Soroka Medical Center

Is Pre-eclampsia a Risk Factor for Complications and Hospitalizations After Pregnancy?

Soroka Medical Center - 27/09/2012

A decade-long followup of new mothers was conducted at Soroka

Flight Cadets Join Hospitalized Kids at Soroka's Saban Pediatric Center

Soroka Medical Center - 27/09/2012

30 cadets came to Soroka to be with the children, running diverse activities for them, exchanging stories and even dressing them in their flight suits

Research by Soroka Specialists Shows:

Soroka Medical Center - 20/09/2012

Drug Treatment More Effective than Tonsillectomy in treating children with Sleep Apnea

The public is invited to Environmental Protection Day Monday, 10 September 2012 12 noon to 6 p.m.

Soroka Medical Center - 05/09/2012

Producing Green Energy by Pedaling a Bike and Using that Energy to Make a Fruit-Shake; Inspiring Ecological Activities for Children; Collecting Expired Drugs and Batteries for Recycling

The life of a 50 year old man from Moscow was saved thanks to complex emergency surgery performed by cardiovascular specialists at Soroka

Soroka Medical Center - 29/08/2012

In a central hospital in Moscow, the patient was told that there is no surgical response to remedy the damage

Lack of Prenatal Care Study

Soroka Medical Center - 15/08/2012

Soroka Obstetrics and Gynecology Division Study Indicates Lack of Prenatal Care Associated with High Rate of Birth Complications

Back-to-School the Healthy Way

Soroka Medical Center - 05/08/2012

Which meals are recommended for school? How do you get the children to go to bed early? Which schoolbag is best for a child?

Five New Department Heads at Soroka

Soroka Medical Center - 30/07/2012
The new department directors express in unison their aspiration to continue to stride forward, advancing their departments and provide quality medical care and service in keeping with the hospital's vision

Soroka Medical Center Encourages Blood Donations

Soroka Medical Center - 24/07/2012

Soroka Medical Center has a permanent blood donor center

Blood donations can be made every Sunday from 9am to 3pm at the plaza by the pharmacy

Scorpion Season

Soroka Medical Center - 23/07/2012

Every year some 30-50 children are brought to Soroka after being stung by yellow scorpions. Some have acute reactions bordering on life-threatening.

"Leadership Week in Kindergartens"

Soroka Medical Center - 08/07/2012

Physicians from Soroka Medical Center participated in the "Leadership Week in Kindergartens" project

School's Out - Summer Vacation's Here

Soroka Medical Center - 28/06/2012

Many children gain weight over the summer due to irregular eating patterns; The number of children injured in accidents is on the increase from one summer vacation to the next

Tips to help survive the summer vacation unscathed - healthy and full of energy

The Prof. Hanoch Milwidsky Outstanding Cardiac Surgery Resident Award

Soroka Medical Center - 27/06/2012

Dr. Yaron Ishay of Soroka Cardiothoracic Department Winner of the Prof. Hanoch Milwidsky Outstanding Cardiac Surgery Resident Award

Dr. Yaron Ishay of Soroka Cardiothoracic Department Winner of the Prof. Hanoch Milwidsky Outstanding Cardiac Surgery Resident Award

A first in Israel - Soroka Medical Center uses a personalized technique for

Soroka Medical Center - 19/06/2012

Good news for many sufferers of joint problems

Study by the Soroka Pediatric Infectious Disease Unit

Soroka Medical Center - 10/06/2012
Significant Decrease in Child Morbidity from the Rotavirus Since the Vaccine Became Part of the Routine Immunization Program

The Role of the Trauma Unit in Saving Lives; The Influence of Drugs on Driving; A Critical Moment - Fatigue, Distractions and Driving

Soroka Medical Center - 24/05/2012

These and other subjects were presented at the Road Safety Conference held in cooperation with Or Yarok at Soroka Medical Center

These and other subjects were presented at the Road Safety Conference held in cooperation with Or Yarok at Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Treats Teddy Bears Too

Soroka Medical Center - 22/05/2012

Teddy Bear Hospital – A project to ease children's fears of hospital medical treatment

This year too, Soroka Medical Center hosts some 200 Beersheva kindergarteners participating in the annual Teddy Bear Hospital project.

Children with Epilepsy and their Parents Enjoy Event in the Park of the Australian Soldier in Beersheva

Soroka Medical Center - 17/05/2012

For the third year running an unforgettably moving event was held for children coping with epilepsy and their parents in the Park of the Australian Soldier

For the third year running an unforgettably moving event was held for children coping with epilepsy and their parents in the Park of the Australian Soldier

Three Million Shekels Pledged at the Annual Friends of Soroka Medical Center Fundraising Event

Soroka Medical Center - 14/05/2012

Gabi Ashkenazi, former Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff, greeted the guests on behalf of the Rashi Foundation at the evening dedicated to continued construction and equipment for the new wing of the Soroka Pediatric Clinics in the Saban Pediatric Center

Gabi Ashkenazi, former Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff, greeted the guests on behalf of the Rashi Foundation at the evening dedicated to continued construction and equipment for the new wing of the Soroka Pediatric Clinics in the Saban Pediatric Center

Shoulder Dystocia: Birth Emergency that Cannot be Predicted or Prevented

Soroka Medical Center - 14/05/2012

Two studies conducted recently at Soroka Medical Center, in collaboration with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, examined the rate of morbidity from shoulder dystocia, the risk factors and classified the complications, particularly injury to the brachial plexus resulting in Erb's palsy.

Two studies conducted recently at Soroka Medical Center, in collaboration with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, examined the rate of morbidity from shoulder dystocia, the risk factors and classified the complications, particularly injury to the brachial plexus resulting in Erb's palsy.

Women With Eating Disorders May Suffer Complications During Pregnancy and Childbirth - Findings of research at Soroka Obstetrics and Gynecology Division

Soroka Medical Center - 06/03/2012

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are eating disorders characterized by abnormal eating patterns that are damaging to the body

83 year old woman underwent cochlear implant surgery at Soroka Medical Center to restore her hearing

Soroka Medical Center - 21/02/2012

In the past few years more than 150 cochlear implant procedures have been carried out at Soroka Medical Center

New Study at Soroka: Early Cancer Detection through Simple Blood Test

Soroka medical center - 20/02/2012

Early detection of cancer is one of the most important factors in recovery

Testicular tissue from a young boy with cancer was frozen in an attempt to preserve his fertility

Soroka medical center - 22/11/2011

A new procedure that is still in the investigative stage gives renewed hope to children who require such treatment

Soroka doctors were appointed: Chair of the Israel Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Chair of the Israel Society of Knee and Hip Surgery

Dr. Shosh Arbel, Director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit at Soroka, appointed Chair of the Israel Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Dr. Vadim Benkovich, Director of the Joint Implantation Unit in the Soroka Department of Orthopedics, appointed Chair of the Israel Society of Knee and Hip Surgery

The Israeli Society of Pediatrics Honors Prof. Ron Dagan, Head of Soroka Pediatric Infectious Disease Unit

In recognition of his great contribution to advancing pediatric medicine in Israel, Prof. Ron Dagan, Director of the Soroka Pediatric Infectious Disease Unit, was named "Yakir Haigud" (distinguished member) at the annual conference of the Israeli Society of Pediatrics held last week in Tel-Aviv. Senior pediatricians from Soroka Medical Center were among those presenting talks at the conference.

The Israeli Society of Plastic Surgeons invited Dr. Ruth Graf of Brazil to lecture at its 37th Annual Meeting and present her special techniques for facial and breast surgery

Dr. Ofer Arnon, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon in Soroka's Plastic Surgery Department was in contact with her when he was in Brazil last year to study Dr. Graf's techniques

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