Trauma Unit

Trauma Unit

Director of the Unit: prop. Gadi Shaked

Traumas include blunt injuries, burns, and other injuries which are commonly caused by traffic accidents, falls, violence, accidents in the workplace, at home, and terrorist attacks.

Approximately 2,800 trauma cases arrive at Soroka Medical Center annually. Of these, approximately 300 are defined as serious injuries. Trauma patients who arrive at the ER are classified according to their condition. Those who are lightly injured are treated in the ER, while those whose injuries are serious are treated in the trauma room, which is used for serious injuries and resuscitation. Soroka's trauma room is one of the largest and most sophisticated of its kind in the country, and is equipped with advanced and innovative equipment.

Treatment is carried out by the trauma staff, which includes hospital physicians from a broad range of surgical fields as well as anesthesiologists
Following initial treatment, patients are hospitalized in one of the wards of the Surgical Division or in the General Intensive Care Unit.

Injured children are treated by physicians who are experts in pediatric surgery and pediatric intensive care. Following initial treatment, they are hospitalized in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit or in a different department within the Pediatric Division.

The Trauma Unit at Soroka provides treatment to the residents of the Negev from Kiryat Gat to Eilat, and is the coordinating center for other hospitals in the region: Barzilai in Ashkelon and Yoseftal in Eilat, as well as hospitals in the Palestinian Authority. The Unit also serves the International Forces in Sinai and cooperates with their hospitals. It also acts as the coordinating center for external authorities such as Magen David Adom, the IDF, and the Israel Police, which receive feedback regarding their ongoing activities in the field of trauma.

Trauma Coordinators in the Unit: The trauma coordinators take part in a number of activities. Additional information on the trauma coordinators.

Head Trauma Nurse (ER): The job of the head trauma nurse is to ensure that the trauma room is well maintained and that nurses in the ER receive updated training. A trained trauma nurse is present on every ER shift.

Registration of Trauma:
The Trauma Unit at Soroka conducts regular registration of trauma patients in the framework of the Israel National Trauma Registry at the Gertner Institute at the Ministry of Health. Additional information on registration of trauma.

The Trauma Unit's registrars, who are trained medical secretaries, document every trauma case that reaches the ER, starting from the pre-hospital stage and ending with release from the hospital.

By means of registration and follow-up, and with the help of professional literature from Israel and abroad, the Unit constructs obligatory guidelines and protocols that encourage uniformity in treatment, so that patients with similar injuries receive the best possible treatment according to well organized instructions.


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