Educational Center for Hospitalized Children

The Educational Center for Hospitalized Children

Director: Ms. Nicol Segal

The Educational Center for Hospitalized Children at Soroka operates according to a holistic approach that sees physical and spiritual health as bound together, an approach that enables collaboration among medical, nursing, and educational staffs.

Our student population is heterogeneous in terms of age and culture and includes Jewish and Arab, secular and religious students from a variety of educational frameworks. The educational staff is flexible and familiar with many programs and teaching methods. Learning takes place individually and in groups.

Classrooms are innovative, interesting, environments, rich in technological, scientific, and artistic tools that motivate students to learn.
The Educational Center for Hospitalized Children at Soroka is under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, and strives to improve the quality of student's hospitalization time. Every year, the center serves over 12,000 children aged 3 to 21. Learning takes place in the classroom, at the bedside in the wards, or in the isolation rooms, according to the needs and limitations of each student.

Center Roles:

  • providing formal teaching and learning support
  • keeping in touch with the community school
  • providing health education
  • implementing programs to reduce anxiety due to hospitalization
  • operating enrichment and recreation programs
  • running a value-based social program

Center Goals:

  • supporting students as they study according to their individual needs and desires and in line with the curricula of their educational frameworks
  • motivating students to learn in order to maintain educational continuity during hospitalization
  • helping students maintain and cultivate talents and skills in the cognitive, emotional, and social realms
  • fostering skills that will contribute to coping with hospitalization
  • helping students maintain contact with their friends and their educational frameworks
  • encouraging family involvement in the educational process
  • preparing children for their return to their educational frameworks
  • helping students cope with the emotional repercussions of hospitalization


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