Enrichment and Recreational Programs

Enrichment and Recreational Programs

A variety of enrichment programs allow our young patients to express themselves and connect with the environment

Creating things through art, music, and other media strengthens children emotionally and spiritually, empowers them, and helps them to overcome the loneliness, worry, fear, and pain that may occur during hospitalization and replace these negative feelings with positive feelings of satisfaction and success, self-control and the discovery of new abilities.

In the framework of the music activities, hospitalized students learn how to compose music with a computer program. They also study the history of music and listen to classical works. In addition, students can play xylophones and bells, direct musical theater, and combine painting with music. They can also learn to play guitar and organ. Musical activities for children and parents are provided, including musical stories, playing instruments and integrating movement and music.

The Education Center placed much emphasis on the hospitalized students experimenting with artistic and creative work with different materials and media: various kinds of paints, natural and recycled materials, computer graphics and drawing programs, and more.
Art has a place of honor at Soroka - pictures, sculptures, and other works by students can be seen in many locations around the hospital. Students' computer drawings have been used to prepare greeting cards for Rosh Hashanah. Their paintings have been exhibited and have participated in competitions, and the artists have earned awards and praise.

Other Media
Photography is a wonderful tool for students in the hospital setting and helps them to process their experience. Media studies include:

Video Film Production
Students learn the process of film production - script writing, filming and editing the film according to their individual choices. They are usually the main characters of the film.

After they learn the principles of classical animation, students write a script and produce a film starring characters that they have created.

Photography and Image Processing
Students experience photography and learn to process images using graphics software. In the framework of media studies in the Oncology ward, there is a photography club, which has produced an exhibition called "In My Eyes". The photographs reflect the unique perspective of students as in their daily struggle to cope with their disease. In addition, the students photographed moments of my life department to combine with a personal diary written during their hospital stay.

Distance learning
Students participate in online classes with students in other hospitals and under the guidance of teachers from across the country using a special distance learning program. Lessons are taught using a distance learning program in an experiential and fun way. The program helps enrich students' knowledge of the world.

School Newspaper
Writing is another means of coping with hospitalization, while improving writing skills and expression, raising confidence, and increasing the hospitalized student's self-image. This is also another means of strengthening ties with schools in the community. Students take their first steps in journalism through writing and photography in "Soroka News," published every two months.

"Cinema Soroka"
The cinema in Pediatrics Department A at the Saban Pediatric Center is a magical place where films are screened daily. The cinema is also used also used for lectures as part of projects, special events and private screenings for the young oncology patients, their families, and friends.


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