Women’s Hospital - Beilinson and Hasharon

Women’s Hospital - Beilinson and Hasharon

Chairman: Prof. Arnon Wiznitzer

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      Office Tel No: 03-9377680
      Delivery Room: 03-9377490/1/2
      Maternity A: 03-9377526/7
      Maternity B: 03-9377530/1
      Maternity C: 03-937669/70
      Out-patient Clinics: 03-9377602
      Fax No: 03-9377683
      E-mail: ArnonW@clalit.org.il

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      Beilinson - The Helen Schneider Hospital for Women  
      Hasharon - Wing B, 4th Floor

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Our Medical Units

The Women's Hospital is directed by Prof. Arnon Wiznitzer, a distinguished expert in Obstetrics and Gynecology, a full Professor at Tel Aviv University, Sackler School of Medicine, and the President of the International Society for Gender Medicine. Prof. Glezerman studied medicine in Paris, France and Frankfurt, Germany, where he received his medical degree in 1970.


• Labor Wards: Headed by Prof. Yariv Yogev, the modern delivery ward handles close to 9000 deliveries annually and offers optimal conditions in 13 fully equipped modern birth suites and operating theaters. Women are offered various therapeutic approaches, from traditional pain-killing by medication to the more modern epidural anesthesia, through natural childbirth methods. In order to ensure maximum comfort and security for mother and baby in a compassionate environment, all delivery units are equipped with an infant treatment unit and PCA instruments (patient controlled analgesia), monitoring equipment, private bathroom, personal TV and comfortable recliners for accompanying persons.

• Maternity Wards: Headed by Dr. Michael Hirsch, three modern maternity wards with a total of 80 beds are available to our patients. The rooms were planned to enable rooming-in of the baby. Patients enjoy comfortable home-like surroundings and maximum privacy following childbirth, with the belief that this supportive atmosphere enhances the initial mother-baby bonding. Medical care is provided by residents on rotation under the supervision of senior physicians.

• Maternal Fetal Medicine Division: Headed by Prof. Moshe Hod, this 25-bed inpatient facility and specialty outpatient clinic deals with all aspects of fetal and maternal medicine including diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseases, thrombophilia, and infectious diseases including close supervision of pregnant women who underwent  organ transplantation. Tertiary care on all aspects of fetal and maternal diseases is provided by a fully integrated team of subspecialty trained perinatologists, a diabetologist, a social worker, dieticians, registered nurses with perinatalogy training and ancillary staff. The unit offers advanced prenatal diagnostic techniques with expertise in invasive and medical therapy of treatable fetal diseases.

• Gynecologic Oncology Division: Headed by Dr. Hanoch Levavi, provides comprehensive services in diagnosis, management and follow up of gynecological cancer patients. Three gyne-oncologists and residents on rotation perform the whole spectrum of gyne-oncology surgery. The division also includes the Cytogenics Unit, a service dedicated to the early detection of cancer of the cervix providing diagnosis and treatment of pre-malignant conditions of the cervix utilizing state-of the-art laser technology. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy services are provided at the Davidoff Center, part of Rabin Medical Center.

• Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization Division: Headed by Prof. Benny Fisch this is the largest and busiest public IVF center in Israel. Offering state of the art technologies in ultra modern surroundings, they handle close to 1200 annual treatment cycles while providing the full range of assisted reproductive technologies services, many of them unique in Israel. The staff includes 13 senior physicians, two to three residents, a psychologist, a social worker, 2 PhD's and 3 technicians. A modern service and research lab is headed by an experienced embryologist. The unit includes highly unique services such as fertility preservation in cancer patients, ovarian tissue preservation, pregestational diagnosis and more. The andrology laboratory, headed by Dr. Haim Pinkas provides complete sperm analysis. In addition the laboratory prepares sperm specimens for intra-uterine insemination. The sperm cryobank provides the following services: cryostorage of donor sperm for singles and couples; cryo preservation of sperm and testicular tissue.

 Diagnostic and Invasive Ultrasound Unit: Headed by Prof. I. Meizner, this  luxurious facility with state of the art equipment and technologies performs over 23,000 examinations annually and provides  the full range of diagnostic and invasive antenatal procedures.  Services are provided by 6 experienced ultrasonographists, 3 technicians, nurse and 2 secretaries. The unit also includes a multidisciplinary prenatal diagnosis service designed to provide expert counsel for pregnant women in whom fetal malformations have been diagnosed.

• Gynecology Unit: Headed by Dr. Shmuel Nitke, an in-patient ward with 28 beds and out-patient facilities this unit offers the entire spectrum of surgical interventions including extensive gynecological surgery, uro-gynecological surgery, operative hysteroscopy and extensive laparoscopic procedures. Pelvic floor pathology, including uro-gynecological procedures, is managed by a trained uro-gynecologist. Extensive endoscopic surgery is performed by a trained gyne-endoscopist. The unit handles also various sub-specialty clinics.

• Gyne-Endoscopic Service: Headed by Dr. Hen Goldchmit, specializes in operative hysteroscopy and extensive laparoscopic procedures. Dr. Goldchmit is also in charge of the gynecologic services at Hasharon Hospital.

• Gyne-Urology Service: Headed by Dr. Haim Krissi, specializes in all diagnostic and management aspects of pelvic floor dysfunction.

• Emergency and Day Care Units: Headed by Prof. Dov Feldberg has over 8000 patient visits annually, with the emergency room open 24 hours a day and the day care center handling more than 1400 interventions.

• Community Obstetrics and Gynecology: Headed by Prof. Barry Kaplan. It is the declared policy of the Helen Schneider Hospital for Women to work in close relationship with community clinics. Currently, two obstetric-gynecological community clinics are staffed by physicians of the Helen Schneider Hospital for Women and other staff members are actively involved in over 15 other obstetrics and gynecology clinics in the community.

• Hasharon Hospital Gynecology Department: Headed by Dr. Hen Goldchmit, the Gynecology Department at Hasharon Hospital is an integral part of the Helen Schneider Hospital for Women and consists of a day unit and an emergency unit which is active 24 hours a day.

Chairman: Prof. Arnon Wiznitzer
Deputy Chairman: Prof. Dov Feldberg
Deputy Director/Community: Prof. Barry Kaplan
Administrative Assistant to the Chairman: Yael Russo 

Beilinson Hospital: 39 Jabotinski St. | Petah Tikva | Tel: 03-9377377
Hasharon Hospital: 7 Keren Kayemet St. | Petah Tikva | Tel: 03-9372372