About Rabin Medical Center

About Rabin Medical Center


Rabin Medical Center (RMC), comprised of both Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals, is one of the most prominent and largest medical facilities in Israel.  

Since its establishment Rabin Medical Center served as a model for new standards in medical treatment and has been a leader in the use of new technologies while maintaining the highest standards of quality medical and nursing care with personal attention towards the wellbeing of patients and their families. 

 In addition to first-rate medical care, RMC's centers, institutes and departments are  renowned for their scientific research, technological development and medical achievements. Affiliated with Tel-Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine, RMC collaborates with some of the largest and most esteemed medical centers world-wide.

Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals recently received international accreditation for safety and quality standards from JCI (Joint Commission International) a most prestigious organization for evaluation of health care organizations.

Rabin Medical Center continues the tradition set by its two longstanding  hospitals - “Beilinson” and “Hasharon”, and remains a leader in medical care, research and teaching in Israel.

The main focus at RMC remains the patient and his well being. The great advances in technology are merely tools to help the individual. At the basis of the medical center's mission are people – people supporting people, striving to make tomorrow a better day. Thus, together with medical leadership, excellence, professionalism and uncompromising quality, it is the hospital's mission to provide humane, warm and supportive service to patients and family members, striving to ease their hospital stay. 



CEO Rabin Medical Center and Director Beilinson Hospital: Dr. Eyran Halpern

Director Hasharon Hospital: Dr. Carlos Gruzman

Beilinson and Hasharon Facts and Figures:

Approximately 9,000 babies are delivered each year at the Women’s Hospital.
Around 150 men and women get a second chance at life as recipients of heart, lung, liver and kidney transplants.
Almost 70% of all transplantations in Israel are carried out at RMC.
Over 6,000 cardiac patients are treated or undergo surgery at our Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery Departments annually.
About 3,000 people a year have their vision restored through cataract surgery or corneal transplantations in our Ophthalmology Department.
24,000 patients undergo genetic surveys.
The Davidoff Center, one of RMC’s most outstanding facilities, treats around 15 % of cancer patients in Israel.
Our ER treats about 8,000 victims of road accidents a year.
35,000 operations are performed each year.
650,000 people visit the outpatient clinics.
Over 100,000 patients are hospitalized annually in Beilinson and Hasharon hospitals.

All of these patients receive devoted treatment by 4,500 staff members, of them about 1,000 doctors and 2,000 nurses. 

RMC- History:
Beilinson Hospital was founded in 1936 and less than a decade later, in 1942, an additional surgical unit was created not far from the Beilinson site. This unit, referred to as “Beilinson B”, served as a branch to the already established hospital and later on became a totally independent entity - “Hasharon Hospital”. In 1996, the two hospitals merged to become what is known today as Rabin Medical Center.
Over the years the two hospitals, located in the town of Petah-Tikva in the vicinity of Tel Aviv, have continued to develop, emerging as one of the largest and most advanced medical centers in Israel: from 70 beds, four departments and 57 staff members in 1936 to today’s 1,300 beds, 40 departments and over 4,500 staff members!  


RMC - Beilinson Hospital


 A state of the art tertiary care hospital Beilinson provides unique and advanced medical services to the greater population of Israel and the Dan/Sharon regions  in a wide range of fields including trauma (multiple wounds), organ transplantation, complex and novel cardiothoracic surgery procedures, cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery, gynecology and obstetrics, treatment of malignant diseases, MRI examinations and more. Beilinson is a referral center from all over the country and assists the regional hospitals in the surrounding area who transfer patients in need of complex medical care .Many of these services can also be provided to international patients through our medical tourism project
Our Level 1 Trauma Unit stands ready at all times, working hand in hand with the IDF and security forces during times of crisis as well in times of peace. With constant preparedness for multiple victim events affecting citizens and soldiers alike, it admits wounded soldiers evacuated from the combat field and handles a broad-spectrum of trauma incidents. Its helipad enables quick and almost immediate access to medical attention.
Five Star Hospitalization Services – The Gour Shasha Tower
Beilinson underwent dramatic changes over the last few years, radically transforming its appearance to unrecognizable proportions, setting it on par with first rate hospitals worldwide. The architectural transformation is the realization of the patient-centered concept that places strong emphasis on respecting patient privacy in an aesthetically calming and optimistic healing environment. With this vision in mind the Gour Shasha Tower became a reality in the year 2003 and became a fore-runner setting new standards in hospitalization services in Israel – providing patients with hospitalization conditions comparable to five star hotels. Rooms are either private or semi-private with large windows providing natural light and an outside view, all with attached bathroom and shower, closets, optional TV and individual room temperature control.  

 Centers of Excellence

The Davidoff Center – A comprehensive center for treatment and research of malignant diseases
A comprehensive care facility, the first of its kind in Israel, geared solely towards the treatment of cancer patients and research of malignant diseases. The Davidoff Center treats 15% of Israel’s oncology and hemato-oncology patients, and serves as a model of the successful combination of advanced technologies, data and computer systems, highly skilled and expert professionals and advanced treatment protocols. The Davidoff Center is considered a spearhead institution in Israel in the fight against cancer.
The center is designed as a pleasant, supportive and healing space. Soft music flows through the halls, warm lighting illuminates the corridors, patients stroll on parquet and marble floors and pastoral art, sculpture and antique artifacts are displayed throughout the building. The main theme in design of the Center is creation of a safe and embracing environment for the patient and visiting family members.  

The Helen Schneider Women’s Hospital
The Women’s Hospital's goal is the comprehensive care for women in all fields of gynecology and obstetrics. With a leading team of medical experts numbering over 80 physicians and fellows, they are devoted to offering the highest level of medical care for women in all stages of life, and are very active in research and teaching. The staff also includes about 350 nurses, midwives, and para-medicals.  

Transplantation and Cardiothoracic Surgery
Beilinson Hospital performs the majority of organ transplantations in Israel.

The Organ Transplantation Department is the only department dedicated to organ transplantation in the country, with the most expertise and most experienced transplant specialists in Israel. One of the leading facilities in this field around the globe, it has reached world level achievements including development of new medical techniques and application of novel procedures for increasing sources of organ donation. The Department performs kidney, liver and pancreas transplants and live-kidney and live liver-lobe transplants.

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, considered the largest and best in its field in the country, performs about 1,300 cardiothoracic surgical procedures every year, including bypass, valve and aorta replacement operations, heart, lung and heart-lung transplants and more. Furthermore, it has a laboratory for research of the heart and a heart valve laboratory.

The Department performs the huge majority of lung and about a half of the heart transplants in Israel. Furthermore, various artificial heart implants are performed. 

RMC- Hasharon Hospital 


 Hasharon Hospital is a regional hospital that provides high quality medical care in a familial atmosphere creating a sense of professionalism, humane care and community outreach.
Over the years Hasharon has developed specialty ambulatory services:

Sports Medicine Clinic
The sports medicine clinic specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from sport and work related injuries, car accidents, etc. The doctors in this clinic are experts in the field of orthopedics and arthroscopic surgery.  

Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic
Hasharon Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic, a part of the greater cardiology department at RMC, has made a name for itself in cardiac rehabilitation for patients following cardiac surgery, transplants and cardio-thoracic procedures.

Laser Clinic
Reputed as one of the finest of its kind in Israel, the laser clinic handles an array of skin disorders including: removal of birth marks, skin and blood vessel growths, varicose veins, skin discoloration, nail and skin infections, etc. Over the years the clinic has developed outstanding knowledge, skill and proficiency together with warm, personal care and use of the most advanced equipment — earning it the status of a leading facility in the field.  

Urology Department
The Urology Department at Hasharon is part of RMC's Urology Division. People across Israel who suffer from kidney stones seek treatment and care at this Department, notorious for its treatment of this painful ailment. The removed kidney stones are sent to a lab in the USA that performs a novel analysis procedure, allowing the doctor to pinpoint the source of the problem and thus individually tailor the suitable care for each patient for prevention of recurrence of the kidney stones. 

Contact information

Beilinson Hospital
Address: 39 Jabotinski St., Petah Tikva
For further information please contact customer services: 03-9376363
To make an appointment please call: 03-9376666
For medical tourism: 972-3-9376991

Hasharon Hospital
Address: 7 Kakal St., Petah Tikva
For further information please contact customer services: 03-9372563
To make an appointment please call: 03-9372222  



Beilinson Hospital: 39 Jabotinski St. | Petah Tikva | Tel: 03-9377377
Hasharon Hospital: 7 Keren Kayemet St. | Petah Tikva | Tel: 03-9372372